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craft interests: fashion

Member Since: 08/04/2009

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Retro Wrap Dress in Green Plaid Silk

I chose this raw silk for my daughter Bethany, who has always loved green.  The fabric cried out to be made into a retro fashion that would drape beautifully and show off its green plaidnbsp...

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Re: How to Sew a Bound Buttonhole

Thank you, Yarngoddess! Your instructions are perfect.

Re: How to Sew a Bound Buttonhole

Related to elenaevent's question, do you do the bound buttonhole before or after you attach the facing? And yes, how do you get it so that the buttonhole looks all right when the jacket is open and the facing is showing? An eighth of an inch seems awfully tiny to try to maneuver and turn under on the facing side so it won't fray.

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Chronicle of Western Costume" by John Peacock

Within the last 100 years, I'd pick the 1920s. There was a lot of great innovation, and one doesn't need an hourglass figure to look good in the period's fashions.
Going back further, I'd go with the 18th century--a period I loved researching as a teenager so I could sew and set my Barbie dolls up in historic displays.
This book would be a fun reference for all history periods, and I'd love to win it.

Re: How to Make a Piggyback Pocket

Cute detail!
To ustabahippie: you would want the lining cut on the straight grain of fabric to stabilize the pockets; otherwise the pockets would tend to pull out of shape if you actually put things inside.