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Re: Project Runway Episode 9: "It's All About Me"

I thought this episode was so fun! Not only did we get a peek into the designer’s home-life, but we also got to see them exude artistic talent that goes beyond the mere structure of the dress through the creation of their fabrics! I was so taken by how touched they were at the sight of their loved ones. I have felt the same way after coming home from an extended business trip with Dish and seeing the open arms of my favorite people. Sometimes, family is the best cure for stress! The only bummer of the episode was seeing Gunner go, but he did lack the talent of the other designers. Now that he is gone, this competition is seriously heating up! I have no idea who could possibly be out next, but I can’t wait to find out! Of course, as my luck would have it, the new episode airs tonight during the season premiere of Up All Night (that comedy is so cute for anyone who hasn’t seen it). Even the encore airs during the premieres of The Office and Parks and Rec! It’s lucky for me that this crisis is easily solved since my Hopper DVR can record up to six things. I would hate to miss either show!

Re: Project Runway Episode 7: "Oh My Lord and Taylor"

It’s cool to actually see the winning look being put into production. I definitely wouldn’t mind owning the dress that Christopher made! It’s the perfect thing to wear for formal occasions with my colleagues at Dish and also out for romantic date nights. My one complaint about the episode though is that Elena snuck her way into the top three! I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the newest episode, but I just hope they eliminate her in it! I’ll have to watch it ASAP, before the ending gets spoiled for me. At least I know that it is safely tucked away on my Hopper DVR, with such a large memory space that I never have to worry about my show getting deleted to make room for new things. I can’t wait to find out!

Re: Project Runway Episode 8: "Starving Artist"

Like @kdr said, one or two team challenges are fine, but more than that and it turns into a complete snoozer! It’s like, we get that the designers don’t get along so let’s move on! I’m just glad that I wasn’t home and ended up recording the whole episode so I could fast-forward through all the bickering. Who knew that it would turn out to be a blessing in disguise that I got caught up in my office at Dish last Thursday?! LOL! I’m also glad that I didn’t have to miss out on all the other momentous events that aired that night, like the DNC and VMAs, since luckily my Hopper DVR can record up to six things. I hope that tonight’s episode features less fighting and more stunning designs!

Re: Project Runway Episode 6: "Fix My Friend!"

It sounds like it’s almost unanimous that Ven needs to go home, and I couldn’t agree more! A few ladies around my office at Dish and I couldn’t help but laugh at Ven’s ignorance this week as we listened to those terrible comments he said. Like @SnickerDoodle_Kids mentioned, he is going to have to get used to that body type if he wants to work in the real world! It just goes to show how arrogant and prideful he is! In fact, I can only watch a recording of Project Runway now thanks to him, so I can fast-forward through all his self-appraising monologues! Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR, with tons of recording space to accommodate these lengthy episodes, so I’m not wasting precious memory just to spare myself from seeing Ven. I can’t wait for him to be out!

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Women On the Go"

I agree with @PDK. I could have never strut into my office at Dish wearing most of these designs! I was surprised the judges didn’t touch upon that issue. This is shaping up to be a really interesting competition though! Some of these designers are so talented. I’m excited to see who will be deemed the winner. Man, Thursdays have become jam-packed with a bunch of interesting things to watch now that preseason football has begun, and let’s not forget about Shark Week! I’m glad I upgraded to the Hopper DVR just in time, which lets me watch or record up to six things, so I won’t miss a thing. Who do you guys think will get eliminated next week?

Re: Project Runway Season 10: "Welcome Back (Or Not) To the Runway"

I definitely don’t think it was fair that Raul got sent home, especially because Andrea left in the middle of the night anyways! I was just talking about this with a few gals around the office at Dish, and we think there has to be something else going on here. Why else would she have not just voluntarily eliminated herself in his place? All I know is I am dying to find out! Thankfully, we just upgraded to Hopper DVR, which lets us watch or record up six things at once, since usually Thursdays are a controversial issue with my husband now that preseason football has started. There’s no way he can bully me out of watching this episode now!