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Re: Another Way to Make Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Done with a sheer ribbon, this would be pretty as an embellishment along style lines such as a princess seam, or as an insertion down the length of a dressy sleeve.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

I would love to drape an evening gown with a ruched neckline; I already have the green satin fabric for this, and a rough idea of the ruching pinned in, but getting the dress to hang correctly will be a challenge.

Re: Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy

kershawgirl, there are a few things you could to to help alleviate this next time, depending on what would make sense for your project:

1) If it needs to be close-fitting, consider an underlining that can be cut slightly smaller and seamed with the lame; this puts the stress on the underlining fabric instead of the lame, and also supports the lame.

2) If the fabric is heat-safe, apply a flexible fusible interfacing such as French Fuse to the underside.

3) If an underlining or interfacing isn't appropriate, reinforce just at the seams with a fusible seam tape.

4) Use a longer stitch length.

5) Use a ball-point needle, such as what is used for knits.

I'm sure others will have more ideas, but those are my initial thoughts...

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

This reminds me of ruching; I have a pillow that was my grandmother's, and though it was an allover ruching, the technique is very similar.

What a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for this article. I can see many applications for it.

By the way, the "wrong" side has lovely folds as well. If a decorative thread were used, that side would also make for an interesting trim option.

Re: White China Coat

Wow - beautifully designed and executed! I want to try this myself!

Re: Slot Buttonholes

I've seen this done in vintage clothing from the 30's and 40's utilizing a shaped rather than straight horizontal seam. Either way, it's a lovely addition to a fine garment. Thanks for the clear instructions and illustrations!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

I've been sewing since I was 7, and Threads has been my faithful companion and source of inspiration since I was 18. 30 years of Threads has enriched my skills and my imagination! Now, my oldest daughter has begun to sew. She bought her own "Project Runway" sewing machine, and has been borrowing my favorite sewing books. This would be an amazing gift to give her. I hope I win!!

Re: What will you be sewing this summer?

I just finished college, and the sewing projects are stacked up and awaiting my decision on where to start!

First - a valance for one daughter's nursery - I'll have to hurry! She's due next week.

Next - a series of strapless tops and dresses for my youngest daughter, who will be spending summer in a sling after shoulder surgery.

Third - monogrammed cookbook covers for my girls, to cover binders that will be filled with recipes from their mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and plenty of room to add their own.

After that - it's a tossup - new summer tops and dresses for a smaller me, new cushions for the dining room chairs, or some new jeans. I have a whole stack of new Vogue patterns for my summer wardrobe. I'm sure one of those amazing bias tops from a past Threads issue will make it in there.

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

TIM! Save this show! You have a loyal following for a very under-served group of people. Boot out these silly, inconsistent, drama-seeking judges and turn this back into a show about style, fashion, and design! We want our runway back!

Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

I was very disappointed with the final. The judges told everyone to bring something new, to surprise them. Andy went a completely new direction and showed something accessible to women of all ages, yet very elegant, and a little edgy. I would wear his clothes in a heartbeat - there were pieces there I could wear to a dinner, to a professional gathering, to a client site. I could see his styles on women half my age - and have seen that kind of aesthetic on countless Hollywood runways. Okay, so I wouldn't have worn the headpieces...but as far as I was concerned, he stole the show. His collection took my breath away. I hope he'll be much in demand.

Mondo's style rocked! I can totally see women my daughters' ages - 20-something - wearing his amazing designs. He brought freshness and vitality to the runway.

Gretchen? Ugh...I waited all season to see her leave the show. The drama, the hysteria, and the self-absorption were all way, way too much. I didn't care for her bohemian style. Every piece she makes is made for her to wear. No one who's not tall and rail-thin could pull off any of those looks without looking frumpy. Those panty things - are you kidding me? Tacky. Awful.

As far as the season goes...I'm tired of Michael Kors' mean-spirited comments, I'm tired of Heidi Klum pretending to be a trendsetter (even HER body doesn't look good in many of her outfits) and I'm disappointed with most of the "guest judges" they bring in. Jessica Simpson? Seriously? Oh, please. Michael's obviously annoyed with some of his possible competition. Heidi is busy strutting around in ridiculous getups and trying to be a diva. The guest judges are usually clueless. Nina Garcia seems to be the only person with some fashion sense. This season was not about style and design. It was about drama and twists - way too close to "reality TV." As much as I've loved watching the designers bring their creations to life, I'm not sure I'll watch another.