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Re: Kid's Fashion Giveaway: "The Fashion Designer's Handbook"

My grand-daughter would also LOVE this! At 9 yrs. old, she has already started a collection of fabric - just like mamaw! She sketches designs on her sketchpad and wants me to help make the creations. This book & kit would be an excellent additional help to her, as I cannot be with her very often.

Re: How to Dye Silk Organza

great idea in dyeing natural fibers! I'm wondering if other things in your pantry could be used...worth experimenting!

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Threads" Issue #165 (February/March 2013)

I love to hand tailor! It is so relaxing and comforting.

Re: Project Runway Episode 8-Mentors and Serendipity

I, too, thought Logan should have gone home with his outfit! The pants were baggy (what part of the dress were they?) And the vest didn't seem to fit, either.

Epperson was initially confused about the assignment and I think the only reason they sent him home is that he was upfront about it. I could tell that Heidi was not pleased about that! I think he is very talented and should have stayed, based on his past work.

I agree with sews4fun comments "why is it that every time Irina makes one of her usual predictable outfits which would be considered "safe" if done by any of the other designers, the judges fall all over themselves praising this stuff?" I do think she is the golden goose here.

I also enjoyed Tim's words of encouragement toward Shirin and Gordana. Whenever you are having a problem with the design/fabric, etc., it is best to take a breather or 'clear your space' and begin again. I have seen so many artists do this.

I would really love to see more of the designs, rather than the judges petty remarks. Guests judges seem to have a better perspective.

Looking forward to the next one!