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Bellingham , WA, US

craft interests: sewing, quilting

Gender: Female

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Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

Wow. I have had a piece of this type of silk for ages, and have never done anything with it because I have such fear of those ragged edges. This changes everything!
Thank you.
And you are a breath of fresh air to us us sewers. Ahh...

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

Beautiful and fabulous. This shows us how truly creative you are to use this gift of buttons. Thank You for showing us your thoughtful, creative process, to make a unique garment that reflects your desire and freedom to wear exactly what you want. You are very inspiring.

Thank You!

Re: Sewer vs. Sewist

I like sewer. I like the medieval origins of the word. It can have the unfortunate similarity to the drain analogy, and I kind of think that is funny, a little fun word play! I have an annoucement from a gallery near me that I have tacked to my cork board above my sewing table, that is for a fabric artist, having a show of her stuff, and it simply says Sewer, in black letters on a dingy grey background! It makes me smile when I look at it, and I like that it reminds me of the way we define ourselves and how we can break out of the box a word or a term can enclose us in. Sewist is fine too, and I don't think just because it isn't an official word and not in a dictionary, it should be disregarded. Language evolves with us and by us, and it takes to a new place in defining who we are. It makes me think of the first quilters, who took the quilt to a new place beyond the utilitarian, and made quilting an art form. That was a hard sell to people(I would say mostly men at the time), but it is a given now-art quilts are the norm. And I think I like seamstress too! I guess I like anyway a person defines themselves, as long as they keep on sewing!

Re: And the Winner of Sweet Stitches From The Heart is...

Thank You so much! I know I will be inspired by this great book, and all of the ideas within it. What a wonderful Christmas gift you have given me.
Thank you again for the opportunity to win it, and thanks for being such a great magazine and group of people who care about us sewers out here!

Happy Holidays.

Re: Elvis' Fabulous Upholstered Pool Room

Wow, thanks for posting those photos. That must have been a fabric lovers dream come true to design that fun room. I can imagine playing billiards in that room could have been pretty great, because the fabric, as opposed to heavy wood paneling, would help to dull the sound of the loud cracking of the balls as they hit each other. It must be even more impressive to see it in person.
I live in a house that was built in 1907, and this house only has two very small closets, and a hall/linen closet. So I am always wondering about the women who lived here, and other homes of the same era, and how they stored their garments, and how many garments they might have had in their wardrobes. So, I would like to see inside the closets, and the various storage systems, of ordinary women, in that period, as well as different time periods too. Just like I can't wait to go to the Smithsonian, and see Julia Childs kitchen!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Sweet Stitches from the Heart"

Oh, I would love to have this book because I am a new embroiderer! I am teaching myself to embroider because I have always wanted to embellish some of the clothes I make, so I think this book would be so inspiring to have, and to use some of the great sounding ideas in it. I am amazed by how many ideas for embroidery motifs can come from just looking at what surrounds us, and how I see them differently now that I am learning a new craft. I see the birds and animals in nature, so many designs and colors, and color combinations that are so interesting and unexpected. And I am inspired by what other crafters and artists create, and that is why I would like to have this book, because I can always use a new source of inspiration to spur me on!
Thank You for having this book give away.

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

One more thing! I hope someone from television land sees the idea of "Project Seamstress". What a good idea, because so many of us want to see what designers sew, and why, and how they go about that process. It could be fun!

Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

This was my favorite episode so far! This was a real life use of skills that a clothes designer/sewer will have to use in their career, listening well, and recreating a vision, while still using their own fashion ideas and incorporating those ideas into the garment, combing the two to make a wearable comfortable fashion forward garment. But really, the best part was hearing the men talk about their partners, trying to say what they liked, wore, what colors to use, what parts of the women's bodies to accentuate, the reason for a certain dress (the lost dress!), and which of the men was spot on, and especially how the designers used that information. Watching Olivier interact was just plain painful, and he was lucky to get two people who had some sense of compassion when they saw a pretty repressed and childlike personality-what a sad youngster he is! The garments they all created were, for me, just plain eclipsed by the whole idea of what we imagine ourselves wearing, and what other people imagine us wearing, and what really might look good. And the garments were for real women's bodies, and that was so interesting to see what the designers did with that part of the challenge. It seemed like they all (except Olivier, and maybe Bryce too) really enjoyed that aspect, and didn't have too much difficulty with the challenge of real bodies. And I can understand why Josh"s dress might be a disappointing win, but he went beyond his own ideas, and took the judges input seriously, and restrained his tendency to go ornament/bling crazy! They often seem so fickle-one week they want something, the next week they contradict themselves!

Re: Book Giveaway: Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns

What a wonderful sounding book this is. I love to sew, and really appreciate all those details that make a garment so wonderful to wear, especially the details that are inside a garment. What a great use for an x-ray machine, because any body who sews, and goes to a clothing exhibit, well, we are usually desperate to know those delicate and intricate bits that lurk inside!
I would love to own this book,and sure hope there are more in the making.
Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I'm not really sure yet, how much time I want to invest in the drama of the show. I want to see real sewing, and creativity, and constructive ideas from the judges, not a bunch of snarky high school interactions. I want to see maturity from the judges and the people on the show, and I didn't see much of that last year. The show was too much like a reality show last year, and the competition seemed false to me, set up to be a psychological drama to focus on, and not about the effort and maturity it takes to create. I guess I will watch the first one, but once it becomes a lurid warfare, I won't continue. I want to see more of Tim Gunn really helping the sewers, and giving them good advice and guidance, and less self ego stroking from the judges, especially Michael Kors, who seems to use the show as a boost to his own creativity.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

Oh Gosh, I am a new convert to the world of embroidery! I have been teaching myself as all the stitches that catch my fancy, and am currently starting a sampler, to practice them. I am really excited about the possibilities for using all the beautiful stitches for embellishing the garments I make, but also I am so excited about finally finding a way to incorporate my sewing with the ideas I have had for awhile, for small fabric pictures. I love birds, and have finally found a way to weave them together. I am not talking about big tapestry projects ( maybe the future holds a tapestry or two!), but on a smaller scale, and so far, have some smaller, pretty pieces of silks and other "scraps" that will be exciting to finally use! I knew they would come in handy one day!

Re: What sewing topics would you like to read about in Threads?

I have loved the articles about clothing designers and their construction techniques, and the articles of how things are made. I really enjoyed the articles showing how the Wolf forms are made by hand still, and the article about the Coats and Clark thread company. That type of article is so interesting and inspiring.

I would also like to read more articles about couture hand finishing garments. I know you have done some articles about this subject, and they were also inspiring to me, and it has made me determined to learn more on my own, and practice more this year.

Thanks for a great magazine.

Re: Celebrate National Sewing Month

I sew, inspired by beautiful, fun fabrics, to try creating wearable, well fitting, unique garments.

Re: Project Runway: There IS an "I" in Team

I feel Tim Gunn was too lenient on Gretchen, and could have included Ivy into the reprimand as well. They were just awful, and showed their true selves-very arrogant and self-centered, when they knew the team idea/concept was the focus. I think we all knew there was going to be high drama when the teams were put together, no matter who was on which team! But I was kind of surprised how the judges showed their obvious disgust at Gretchens behavior. And that Tim Gunn said something directly to Gretchen-well, that says a lot about the overall bad situation. The whole competition seems set up for all that kind of personal design bashing and criticism between the competitors-we see that every week with the talking head shots of all of the designers.

Re: Project Runway: Hat's Off to You

I often am confused by the judges choices, because I think I am out of the range and loop of what is hot and wearable in the fashion world! Jeans and fleece is what I depend on. But this weeks competition was really fascinating, and I found myself, for the first time, in agreement with the final call. I thought it was remarkable that Michael C. started with the most boring and uninspired dresses, to being the winner, after his interview with Tim Gunn, and also talking to his son, and getting all fired up to go back and create something worthy of recognition. The dress itself was pretty and feminine, but the winning aspect was the balance he brought to the whole thing with texture of the fabric sparkle, which was the beauty of that remarkable hat. And I was really amused by the reactions-profound disbelief by Valerie and Gretchen!! They were speechless, which takes a lot for Gretchen to be rendered speechless! Anyway, I loved all those hats, and was so interested in what Philip Treacy was going to say and feel about setting all those hat creations free into the hands of virtual beginners, and whether or not they lived up to the beauty of them. I have to say I was impressed with all the designers for their enthusiasm. That's the spirit!

Re: Video: Make a Felt Jewelry Bag

Thank You for the terrific idea, and video. Judith Neukam, you are one of the many reasons to love Threads magazine. This video, plus the other Threads DVD sets that you, Kenneth King and Louise Cutting have developed and taken part in are truly inspired, and continually help me become a better sewer and sewing problem solver. We sewers are visual learners, and every extra technique you show and use helps me with the next project I take on. Plus, I love all of the articles you write on vintage clothing, and what makes them work. Thank you again for inspiring me on. I am looking forward to whatever you do next.