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hannah wood, providence, RI, US

Designer. Domination.

craft interests: fashion, gifts, paper-crafts, quilting, restyle, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/25/1986

Member Since: 11/06/2012

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Art Deco Medusa

Art Deco Medusa was handmade by myself and personally styled from the shoes to the headdress, leaving no element un-finessed. The pattern for the dress is researched from 1920's flapper-style dresses...

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Re: Art Deco Medusa

to HappyGenny, Art Deco Medusa here...
Thank you for your comment!
As far as the metal scales went, I bought about 600 pieces from a closeout jewelry factory in Pawtucket, RI. They are vintage, probably about 50 years old. I painted them with enamel paint, added glitter, rhinstones and other sparkly things to them indivitudally. To achieve the 'snake scale' motif on the jacket, I sketched a snake skin design on grid paper and translated it to the jacket. Once the design was in place, as far as color and pattern, I sewed each scale to the fur with bookbinding thead.