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I studied art, ended up a craftsperson then seamstress, all while raising 4 kids.
I love doing what I do, not having to be accountable to a boss, and having to dressup and put on makeup every day.
I love threads and have most every copy, which I refer to often.
Went through 2 bouts of breast cancer, this year, so I lost a lot of my sewing time, but I am back with a vengance!
Lovin life!!!!!!!!!!1

craft interests: embroidery, gifts, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 01/04/2010

recent comments

Re: How to Re-create a Vintage Modernist Bag

drool, drool..........would love the pattern! Any chance????????

Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

User 1120582..............One Canadian to another. Just go to any sewing store that carries embroidery supplies. Ask for water soluble stabilizer. I use it all the time

Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

Why didn't I think of it all the years I was sewing for others. I am finally ready to retire, but I am sure I will use this on my own garments.

Re: Rayon Fabric and Interfacing Placement

63 years old, and sewing since I was 9................Learned something new today, and I wish I would have learned it sooner. I ADORE rayon, and this all makes sense now.
I guess you are never to old to learn.....BRAVO!

Re: Non-sewer Dad Promises to Make His Daughter's Wedding Gown

What a wonderful show of love from this father! As a seamstress, who has done bridal work for years, it is sometimes hard for the experts. For this father to go ahead, and the daughter to trust him so much, is amazing, BRAVO

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

not nice, how about something NEAR wearable!

Re: What's in Vogue

Anne Klein, and Donna Karan have style. Marci Tilton.............maybe because it is fun, but most of us are not tall and slim, and not 20 years old.
Shame because the rest would look good on the runway.

Re: Spruce Up Your Shirt Hem

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Sewing UFOs

The infamous UFO corner of the room. Had a function, very formal, to attend many, many moons age. Got some fabric I loved, to make a pattern I loved,, but for some reason approx 30 years later, it sits still half done.
Will I part with it???????????? NUH UNH!!!!!!! No no no!
Will it get sewn??????????? Couldn't fit into it anymore, but there it sits! Never to be worn, but lovely to look at!

Re: Some Fun Summer Sewing Patterns

love the amy butler tote, but where oh where can you buy the pattern in Canada. I have been trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: A Nice Little Suit

Thanks for sharing the beautiful workmanship.
From this I get ideas that might never enter my mind!

Re: Trimming Tricks

Thanks for the reminders of things we sometimes forget and new ideas we have not thought of. Grading with the scissors is a great idea. Also notching with pinking shears. Simple ideas................why did I never think of them???????????

Re: How many sewing machines do you own?

I have a Pfaff, a Babylock embroidery sewing machine, a Brother embroidery sewing machine, an old singer, a merrow industrial serger, Pfaff industrial straight stitch,indusgtrial and portable blind hemmer, Janome portrable serger, 2 treadle machines, and one machine in a table.
Love my machines, and don't want to part with them.