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Living deep in the boreal forest, high on the Canadian Shield is wonderful, although for some pursuits, somewhat isolating. This contact, through Threads, with other sewers continues to improve my sewing skills while providing a sense of comraderie within the sewing community. The fur hat in my avatar is made from the pattern in Threads Dec 1994. I have the complete set to date and use the magazines as my number one 'go to source' reference.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, knitting, quilting, sewing, cross stitch

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/11/1953

Member Since: 02/17/2009

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Re: Video: Learn the Basics of Fashion Illustration from Yelen Aye

This was, as I have to come expect from Threads, a first class instructional video. Thank you.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

Draping techniques are skills which open creative doors otherwise closed to aspiring designers. This book would be a real aid in learning those skills. To mold, shape and use fine fabrics like Vionnet or Poiret - ah, the dreams that would make come true ;-)

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

This technique created such a pretty trim that I stitched up 6m + 25% (1.5M)= 7.5 meters to trim a contemporary version of a quilted jacket.
...have also just completed a sample where the ribbon treatment is tacked into place between strips of mink trim and it looks very 'rich'. I have no idea yet where I will apply it, but I LUV it - thank you Mr. King

Re: The Renaissance of Millinery

The website as is compelling as the story - beautiful !

Re: Explore the Golden Age of Couture Online

Thank you for posting the links. I've been looking for a vintage summer dress pattern and this 'fills the bill' perfectly. The download worked seamlessly ;-)

Re: 'Project Accessory' Begins Casting Soon

It's magic - "ask and thou shall receive" - I just, literally in the last few minutes, filled out a survey asking for more depth in accessory related project articles from our wonderful people at Threads and this 'popped-up'. Amazing ;-) No wonder 25 years later I'm still a subscriber!

Re: How to Make a Hat Base

Well done. Hats and bags are my favourite accessory pieces and this will expand the repetoire -

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

In July, 1988, using the "Angelina di Bello Personal Dressform Exclusive Method" outlined in her booklet, I made the brown paper tape dressform. I'm still using it today.
Now in that time the waistline has required a little adjustment (lol) but for draping, the form still works perfectly well. I did fill it with the expanding styrofoam insulation about six years ago, sprayed into the neck opening directly from the can. This little bit of inside support has kept the form standing straight, without adding much weight to it over all. As several others described, I cut the neck opening foam overflow, off level with a knife and use the neck for holding a padded pin cushion. The brown tape method does not create the heat issues encountered with the duct tape, but is slightly slower going as you do need to wet the tape strips. Twenty-two years of regular use has really improved my fitting and draping techniques.

Re: What projects are you looking forward to working on this Fall?

This latest issue of Threads has inspired me to cut the Vogue 7700 shirt pattern that has been calling from my pattern stash for months. I have a fine Italian cotton, in a subtle gray, navy and burgundy stripe that will be just perfect. I think I'll try the collar stand and cuff treatments with a co-ordinating solid navy.

Re: Book Giveaway: Bags in Bloom

Hats and handbags are my favourite accessory projects, so please do enter me to win a copy of this new book in the giveaway.
The hat in my avatar is from a pattern in Threads #56.

Re: The Trousseau of the May Queen

The Vionnet exhibit has a catalogue available on the website, but it is in French only. I already inquired if it would be available in an English edition. I guess the language doesn't effect the beauty of the photographed garments too much ! Such talent ... it would be a wonderful afternoon just studying the pictures.

Re: Leather Passementerie

unique - wonderful treatment and visually exciting

Re: Make Your Own Rucci "Worms"

From issue one on, I do believe this is one of the best articles on couture techniques ever presented in Threads.
Thank you.