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JUANITA S, Philadelphia, PA, US

Loves to sew and to do my beading!!!!

craft interests: fashion, restyle, sewing, beading

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/27/1961

Member Since: 11/21/2008

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Re: Phoenix Floral


Re: Denim and lace


Re: Hand Stitched Sweatshirt


Re: Anniversary Dress


Re: Video: How to Attach an All-in-One Facing

Great information, will be sure to try. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Re: 30-Minute Jacket

How can something so simple be so complicated? I don't understand this. I would have thought step-by-step pics would have been helpful.

Re: Video: How to Make a Personal Croquis

Thanks for sharing...I will have to practice that.

Re: How to Reduce Collar Bulk

I tried this when I first saw it demostrated on the Industry Insider Techniques DVD. This way of doing the collar is awesome. Try it you will get the best collar ever!!!

Re: Video: A Fast Look at Pattern Drafting

Thanks so much for sharing this. Yes erobi I can also watch over and over...2Xs for me already. I would like to try this over the weekend.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

DISAPOINTED. I am so glad this is over. This was my first and last time watching this. I think everyone knew that Anya would win. I don’t think this was a fair competition. All of her looks were the same. To me it was just lounge/beach/resort wear. I’ve been to the Caribbean several times and I don’t see women walking around town like that.

The whole show was set up for her. They brought back designers as helpers to help her sew. When she lost her money, they came up with something else.

I was so hoping for Viktor. To be honest; I think that we will be seeing Josh on other things pertaining to fashion on TV. They have some new show coming out soon. So if it’s going to be drama, Josh will be there. I thought his designs were for those club kids in NY.

Again, won’t be watching next season. That show is so fixed. The judges were horrible and tried to be funny and cute. I've seen Michael Kors fashions and they are just so-so. A Kardashian, please. If it wasn't for Tim Gunn. I would have never stuck around for as long as I did.

Anyway, in my mind and heart it should have gone to Viktor.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 1"

I am hoping that Viktor takes it. I really like his designs!!!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale Challenge"

This was my first season with PR, and will be my last. I really like Tim, so that is one of main reasons why I watched and the fact that I’ve seen it from the beginning. Back tracking…I thought Bert’s model for the bird challenge was awful. She looked like she didn’t want to be there. So I think that came across in his dress. I liked most of Bert’s stuff. As for the judges, I am sick of the funny comments. Josh should not be in the top five and neither should Kimberly. When I look at Bert’s expressions sometimes I don’t think that he wants to be there. Anya has an eye for design but I think you should also know about construction of the garments. I am hoping that Viktor takes it all. I really like his fashions, his jackets are awesome. I also think he has something up his sleeve…that is just my two cents…

Re: Project Runway 9: "This is For the Birds"

Viktor is my favorite. He should have won more then he did. I will miss Bert, I really liked him. It's all about Anya anyway and I think she will win. She is NOT my fav. I don't think this show is an honest competition. I think it's fixed. This is my first time following PR and will be my last. Josh is a bully, but he's honest.

Re: A Figure-Flattering Tee

hi, i tried the method of hemming and i didn't like too much. will try it again. maybe i had an off day.


Re: Video: Easy-to-Sew Flat Fly-Front Zipper

PERFECT...I did this today. Results were fab. This is my fly front technique forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.