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Phoenix, AZ, US

I have been sewing since I was five years old. I learned to use my mother's treadle machiine when I was seven. My passion is sewing. I love making jackets, blouses, and pants that fit. I love teaching young people how to sew as well as attending classes given by our experts in the field. And I love meeting people who love to sew. I belong to ASG ane ASDP and am active in both organizations.

craft interests: fashion, sewing, teaching

Member Since: 08/31/2011

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Re: How to Sew with Lightweight Knits

I love wearing knits as I live in Phoenix, which is hot most of the time. However rather than cutting fabric using layers of paper, I spray it with starch which I wash out when the item is sewn. I find this makes the fabric much easier to sew as it doesn't stretch but acts as a woven.

Re: How to Sew a Bias Top

I tried to make this blouse when the pattern first came out and had to scrap the entire project. I hope that some new instructions are included with this new entry.

Re: Patterns: Wide Leg Pants

I have been using Burda 2938 with a few modifications for several years now. It is a straight leg pattern which is easily converted to a wide leg. However since I am only 5' tall, I like to wear my pants fitted to the knee. At this point I increase the width gradually to the hem adding 1" to each of the four bottom seams. This works especially well with soft "silky" fabric and is quite comfortable and flattering.

Re: ASG Names its 2011 Sewing Hall of Fame Honoree

Judy Barlup and I had lunch together while I was attending my first sewing "expo" in Nashua, NH, at least 15 or more years ago. She was so encouraging and wonderful to talk with and inspired me so much that I bought her entire Japanese Tailoring Video and book. I am now a member of both ASG and ASDP and the latter group is going to review her video this fall. And I use her techniques constantly. Congratulations,JUDY! We all love you and thank you for all you have done for the sewing world!