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Re: This IS Your Grandmother's Sewing Machine

I've recently been sewing on a Singer 66 "Red-Eye" treadle that I picked up on Craig's - machine, accessories, and table-with-cute-wooden-drawers for $50! I love how quiet it is; I can sew on it all night without waking up my husband. And I can listen to the radio while I sew too! - although the machine seems to prefer big band. ;) It's been a good lesson in basics - having to use attachments and not just spin a knob to create the same ruffles, tucks, hems, and finishes that my great-grandmother did. Also I'm getting pretty good at sewing machine mechanics! I would have never dared to crack open the cover on my mid-90's Elna but armed with old service manuals I've dug right into this sturdy old girl and tuned her up. I loved all the old notions that were stuffed in the little drawers too - the previous owner was clearly confident enough to make her own bras and girdles! With a treadle!!! I don't know that I'll go that far though.. oh my.

Don't abandon these old machines! They are indestructible and besides, prettier!