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Elizabeth, PA, US

I began sewing at age 8 on my Grandmothers treadle machine. I cut up my Mothers bedsheets for fabric! My parents quickly decided to provide what I needed so that I didnt turn into Scarlet OHara with the living room draperies. Now I have everything I need and finally have some time as well. In recent years I have done little garment sewing for two reasons. I discovered quilting and gravity with extra padding have caused fitting frustrations. Now my plan is to return to what I love, clothes and fashion for the New Year. I have been a Threads reader/subscriber from the beginning. I enjoy all levels of information provided and love the inspiration provided by all contributors. The great challenge for our time is to pass this love on, to instruct and to share.

craft interests: embroidery, gifts, quilting, sewing, home dec

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Re: Book Giveaway: "Secret Garden Embroidery" by Sophie Simpson

What a great gift this would be! I am in the process of coloring the Secret Garden coloring book. Love it!

Re: Cut Longer Facings for Better-Looking Garments

The issue is shrinkage. Louise reminds us to pre-shrink our interfacings. Even with this step, pressing the interfacing to the facing fabric may cause even more shrinkage. To compensate, cut the facing longer then apply the fusible. Apply the facing to the fashion fabric, With the facing/fashion fabric applied in a 1:1 ratio the chance of rippling or easing puckers is eliminated. Last step, trim your facing matching curves or angles as shown on your original pattern piece.

Re: Video: How to Create a Beautiful Lace Top

Lovely top. Any similar pattern would work well. I prefer to use a tiny zig-zag stitch to join the motif/seams. I am surprised that the neckline finish was omitted as well since this is likely to be one of the most visible pieces of the garment. There are a few finishes that could be used. A tiny edging could be applied just like the hem and sleeve finishes, a small bias silk or satin strip could be used as a binding. One of my favorite techniques is to underline the bodice section with a sheer silk organza. (or nylon or a sheer polyester) (check the bridal section of your fabric store) You would cut the organza the same size as the bodice front and back, join the two pieces at the neckline right sides together, clip the neck edge to ease the curves, turn (through the neck hole opening) and press well. A tiny top stitch could be sewn to the neck edge to secure the layers. With a cut on sleeve, baste the layers together along the stitching line before applying the hem and sleeve edging. If your are using a pattern with a cap sleeve, prepare the armscye edges with basting before adding the sleeve.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

I recently met Louise at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo and bough 5 of her patterns. The fashions presented in the show were beautiful and totally my style. I would love to have this DVD set because I did not have time to take one of her classes. Great give away!