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craft interests: fashion, sewing

Member Since: 09/07/2009

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Re: Close-Fit Duct-Tape Dress Form

okay so i just tried this and it's awsome! I had to add a little more boobs and A LOT more butt to my duck tape dress form after my family finally got me cut out lol but with some of the quilting poof added that easily and ducktaped over it.

My grandfather, who taught tech classes at the university I go to, and who is always coming up with interesting stuff, used an old Christmas tree stand, the kind that comes with a fake tree you have to put the branches hooked into holes onto attachments on their pole (alot of words lol) and used the indentions on the pole to kind of "grab" the stuffing in the dress form on the inside and hold it up better.

two important thoughts: put the pole inside the dress form BEFORE stuffing it, it's a pain to try to do afterwards

and don't tape too tight, you cant breathe lol

one very important thought: don't try this as a party game or while intoxicated!!!! I was completely sober and still acted like an idiot once wrapped in duck tape cause it was so fun:) What is it about being wrapped in duck tape that makes one want to run around and be filmed? lol