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I've been sewing since I was 10, starting with hand embroidery, Barbie doll clothes and finally, by junior high, my own clothes. My favorite projects are still sewing my own clothes and doing home dec projects although I have sewn everything from pool covers to boat canvas, costumes, yada yada yada. My hubby & I like to travel in our 5th wheel camper and my sewing machine goes with us.

craft interests: restyle, sewing

Member Since: 03/18/2010

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Re: Sewing References in Music

Blue Jean baby, L A Lady, seamstress for the band.......(Elton John)

Re: What's Your Sewing Storage Solution?

I've always kept my patterns in the storage boxes found at fabric stores sometimes in categories like skirts, blouses, children, etc. But there were always the wardrobe patterns that were hard for me to catergorize. And once my collection became unmanageable I resorted to another method. I removed the guts of the patterns, placed them quart size freezer bags, labeled them and put them back in the pattern box. Using the envelopes, I set up a spreadsheet with pertinent info and the number of the box it's stored in and printed that. After placing the envelopes in protective sleeves in a notebook; I now have my own pattern catalog and can quickly find my favorites!

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

To somass: I recently made an ultrasuede jacket and I have alterations that I always have to make. This jacket also had a zillion pieces. I made a muslin (or test sample) and once I had the fit the way I wanted it, I took it apart and adjusted the pattern. Everything was machine basted so taking it apart was quick. Good Luck!!

Re: How have you organized your stash?

My sewing room is relatively organized--I have lots of pegboard for notions & thread and my stash is in clear plastic bins, but there is some that is stacked on top. and I still have a counter full of "stuff". (I find if I put a project away it WILL become a UFO) The one thing that is well organized however, is my pattern collection. I need more boxes for that--again. This was not my original idea and in fact, the first time I heard about this I laughed thinking it was way to anal of a project for me. Then I spent two hours looking for a pattern because I couldn't remember how it was categorized it when I filed it into the labeled boxes. I created a spread sheet-pattern name, number, the box number & a brief description of the pattern. I put the pattern guts into quart size freezer bags (they have a white space for writing pattern number & box number on them)and put the envelopes in plastic pages which are stored in a 3" binder (there are 3 binders) Now I have a "pattern catalog" and I just flip through the catalog to find my patterns. Saves time and I reuse patterns more!!!