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craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 07/13/2010

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Re: Video: Kenneth D. King's Essential Sewing Tool Kit, Part 2

Oh this is wonderful.I've got an almost identical bag ( whoop whoop) but it hasn't got all the cool stuff in it ,especially the silver handled stuff . I am definitely doing that !
So nice to get an insight like this.thanks

Re: How to Create 3d-Bubble Trim

perfect ! im in the middle of saving a much loved acetate silk dress I made . I have melted a huge hole in the front of the dress at the hem line and decided that rather than chop off the bottom of the dress to make a top I would get creative . I have some silk chiffon that I am currently pin tucking by hand (I like slow sewing) that was dyed the same colour as the original dress but feel it needs something decorative round the "arch " of the melted fabric . this looks like it will fit the bill so im away to experiment . thanks

Re: How to Identify Fabrics with a Burn Test

I was taught to do this at school as part of a sewing exam . I had to do my own research and I have never forgotten because of that. just realized that was over 40 years ago !! oh my

Re: How to Embroider Garments Like Penn & Fletcher

wonderful article . wish I lived in the states so I could go . it would be amazing . love the wax technique so much neater than French chalk.

Re: Make Endless Pieces with One Base Pattern

I do this . I realised that what I made and what I actually wore were two different things . I looked at my wardrobe and found I wore 20% of it 80% of the time .I had a massive clearout and went back to basics to see what I actually wore . since then I have got rid of most of my patterns and kept the half dozen I use time and again . this applies to trousers and skirts as well .
I have two go to dress patterns a princess line one and a fit and flare one . I think ive made half a dozen variations of each, all completely different
I keep a file of embellishments / ideas / necklines etc that I see in mags or online so I have a mini book of alternative styles . it also means that I can buy fabric without having a particular pattern in mind because I know how much my standard dresses require .

Re: The Ultimate Mending Kit

id add fusible interfacing in a light weight so handy for holding together awkward tears, even leather .
i also make my own patches in denim or plaid from worn out shirts. i cut a good square of fabric 5 inches square and turn under a hem , press it and tack it round the edges ready to patch yet another rip in my husbands shirts .
oh and another fav in the mending box is shirring elastic . so useful for tightening up baggy cuffs on sweatshirts or necklines on t 's