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Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

I teach kids sewing classes (40 kids a week)and know from experience that cheaper machines frustrate the kids. Last year I purchased better quality machines with speed control and what a difference it made in my classes. My students stay within 5/8" and even 1/4" seams and they are straight. I have seen many students struggle with controlling the speed and accuracy with machines that don't have speed control. They become very frustrated and want to use my machines instead of their own.

With cheaper machines (which some of my students bring in the ones they got as a gift)the students hear the difference in quality right away. "I can tell my machine is not as nice as yours by the way it sounds" Cheaper machines often can't handle thicknesses in fabric and can't sew many of the stretch and micro fabrics without skipping stitches.

Sewing Mechanic don't repair cheaper machines bought in box stores. They consider them "throw away" "disposable" machines that are only good till the tensions go out or something breaks.