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retired now love to sew anything , and also make quilts and embroidery and cross stitich, garden,. and look after the grandchildren and continue to love and help my children also take a small active interstest in the labor party in aust who has just elected our first lady Prime Minister.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, knitting, sewing

Member Since: 12/01/2008

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Re: Watch It's Sew Easy Online

wonderful more opportunities

Re: Giveaway: Threads Insider Membership

Many people live in isolation, weather it be geography, or a life style through all sorts of circumstances the internet opens up so many opportu ities, thank you for steppi g in to the new world of internet commication now via video. I would not have missed this forthe world, being 60+
Thank you threads please dont ever stop the magazine though please

Re: Threads Insider - Coming Soon!

who cares if the cost is good sure it will be
Learn more sew more stay home better clothes...

Re: Threads Insider - Coming Soon!

so so exciting its a new world wonderful
Soo loking forward to EVERYTH t hank you


Denise '''australia

Re: Slot Buttonholes

have I missed something, when do you make the button hole
is it made on the cut on does it get to front
it sounds great, as button holes are so scary when you have sewn something you really are happy with, button holes are the nightmare.

Re: Chanel in Charlotte

love the black dress, love them all but the. Black. Dress is me

Re: Shape a Sleeve with this Easy Fold-Over Placket

problem,,,, will i remeber how to find this post, when i need it. recently before i start anything new i have been going through all my threads before i start sewing, just put a few each time you have coffee near you and go through the pages, anything that applies to your next project put aside.... So i hope the above will in included in a future magzaine, i am all so curious do the authors of these wonderful ideas go back and read our thoughts.

Re: Shape a Sleeve with this Easy Fold-Over Placket

problem,,,, will i remeber how to find this post, when i need it. recently before i start anything new i have been going through all my threads before i start sewing, just put a few each time you have coffee near you and go through the pages, anything that applies to your next project put aside.... So i hope the above will in included in a future magzaine, i am all so curious do the authors of these wonderful ideas go back and read our thoughts.

Re: Shape a Sleeve with this Easy Fold-Over Placket

great idea, i think also we get to rigid and just follow patterns seeing the experts do this gives us permission to be more creative, thankyou.

Re: Hand Understitching

i made my very first bound button hole, thanks to Susan today, for my granddaughter coat, i have worried about the button holes for day, what if the machine snags what if it jams, so i thought i will have go a hand making a buttonhole, studies all i could find and looked up my notes when i did a course of pattern review with susan, and practised, very pleased with my first effort, may be this is always how i will do button holes now.

Re: A Pretty Blue Coat

susan you are always on time for me, i am just finishing of a wool coat for my granddaughter
the stitching around the colar it looks like hand stitching.

i have some left over wool felt very small amounts, so i am going to cut in long strips and plait it, not sure where i will use it yet may be on the cuffs,

thank you showing this lovley blue coat

Re: A Nice Little Suit

susan i would love an a piece in threads about ways to finish off jackets with little trims or hand sewing that bring a jacket to life and makes it just a bit different.
i have just finished a tweed black and white and it needs something i think.
also a green double cloth black in side, chanel style jacket needs some inspiring finishes.
when you see the above you know there is ways of doing this but when you sew alone some time the creative insirations dont come we need a picture of two to put it together.

any chance of an article like this.

Re: Australian Woolgrowers Dress Prince William

as an Australian subscriber to threads, can i give my state a mention, Tasmania also grows and sells very fine wool.

wool is so easy to sew and makes up so well i love the fine wool the way it sits swings and moves with the body.
i have just completed a Chanel jacket,and couture lined it.

and of course knitting wool, its now winter in australia and from what i can tell at my favourite wool shop there is a resurgence in knitting with all generations.

Merino wool has a long history and came to australia not long after settlement..

Re: Facing a Facing

i have come to love silk organza very much i have just done a course with susan Kahjale.

I cannot wait to use more and more of it i am also loving the inside of my garment as much as the out side.
thank you for the above

Re: Video: Notions 101

i notice the videos are now unavailable, wondered if you would put a note on the site perhaps saying why
and when they will be avaiable once more.

Re: Our Friend, Fred Bloebaum

o dear, why do we loose the best people and the kindest and talented.

i have a few of Freds patterns my favourite is the straight skirt, i dont think i have used another pattern for some years now, its so classic.

to her family and the sewing community what a sad loss.

may Fred and Shannan Gifford ( whom we also lost this year) guide and teach from the sacred universe.
we have been so fortunate to have them both in our lives.

Re: The Red Wool Coat

i remember my daughter who now is a mum, And i made her a poncho and she would not wear that either.
I wonder why I suppose they know at an early age what they like.
I have some red wool and was planning a coat just like this for the austrlian winter coming mmm now i will take her o a store and try one on first.

lovely coat see if you can get her to wear it again some ,if you have one a full length wear it together and go some where for a treat. Perhpas a little hand bag our grandaughter is only 18 months and she loves little bags she loves looking in the when we are driving, just put things in that we know she cannot swallow eg, little book hankies.

Re: Classic Red Coat

i just love love your coast some years ago
i was a tupperware manager and the american ceo was coming to visit australia.
I went to beautiful boutque to pick out a coat for our meeting , it was winter and we where going to a cold area.

This coat is so much like it even the same colour, made me feel warm a fuzzy i loved my days in business but now retired i have time to sew and o is that rewarding in a different way.
i have done a few course and with the help of Threads my sewing is improving with every garment.

Re: Hemming a Pleated Skirt

i presume this is a straight skirt.
If so i am very proud of my self i decided the last skirt i made i would only cut the lining to just above the kick pleat.
Then what to do i thought and this is exactly how i finished off my skirt.
As no one ever replies to this area i will never know whether this is a pleated skirt all the way around or just a kick pleat

Re: A Satin Stitch Adds Elegant Detail to Quilts and Garments

thank you for spending the time as the writer above says.
I got so excited when i saw this topic the ideas are endless.
I was thinking of the little peter pan collar on my granddaughter's dress the pockets on my linen dress i haven't made yet for summer in aust.
Also on the end of a crisp linen blouse sleeve cuff.
Will put this in to my sewing file, so i do not have to search in future.
Also thank you for this months magazine, i know some people just like the couture` sewing but the 5 basic things we should know is such a good section to have in the magazine please keep this up as i pass these magazines on to my daughter ( she has to have them back in a week)!!!mm and now she is thinking of getting her own subscription.
We have to give the young one s a reason to keep sewing.

Re: What's Your Favorite Non-standard Sewing Machine Foot?

I have a Janome 9700 with only the standard feet
any ideas out there for a specialty foot you enjoy,
i sew and quilt
Not sure if it has an invisible zip foot available

Re: Choosing Chanel-style jacket trims

have been wondering how to make my jacket look jut a bit better think the grosgrain with crocket on top is a great idea as if it does not suit then you dont apply it.
Perhaps make three strands of crochet and plait it.

Re: Bag Your Jacket Lining

Please can we have a Little more explanation re a collar and
the front and neck facing area please my jacket pattern has these facings included in the pattern
Also are these comments read by the author of the article once in a while or should we email the magazine direct
for queries

Re: Field of Poppies

please can you tell us a little more how you got this effect on such delicate fabric.
I would love to do something like this for my baby grandaughter i have an embroidery machine, not sure how you did the felting.
Dont worry you want seeyour self coming we live in Australia.
I just love it so beautiful

Re: Threads Announces New Editor

Hi welcome from Australia.
I have a different take on the magazine i have only been receiving my sub for two years. It must of been about the time you changed the format as i do not know what others are talking about. I love the way the magazine is presented in the here and now.
Yes by all means teach us the best methods but keep in mind we want to be able to do things that do not seem to be beyond us. I have learnt so much re couture methods and enjoy a new challenge but you have to keep in mind there are all skill levels. And also in these difficult times we can turn this time in to a positive passing on skills to new sewers by not making them afraid to have a go.
So the balance has to be there. There are some issues that i find do not have a lot for me but then the next one comes along and its great. So keep up this good work you are doing now.
But I have one more request can we please see older faces as your models occasionally, keep in mind that we may be your biggest clientele. And also that young people do age as well and when its their turn to be 60 they may like to see older models just on some occasions also.
Welcome and thank you.

Re: Lightweight Tweed Jacket with Lime Green Lining

i just love this too. I love the colar and the way you have shown a little of the lining, I have grown to love lining not just as a lining but as an add on. love it. Wish i had your talant.

But over all on this area i get a little frustrated as no one comes on board to answer questions.

e.g. what pattern did you use.
And some weeks ago i ask the editors to consider putting older models in the magazine but no one answered this either so i tried in gatherings but no response either.

I love all the models in Threads but occasionaly a over 40s lady would be nice. So we know that we too can look nice in the suggested patterns and fabric

Re: Find Your Best Silhouette

O dear i do not understand the above it reminds me of one those dreadful maths problems that sent me in to tears in my school years maths not being a strong point with me.

Is there any one else game enough to say they do not understand where this is coming from or leading to.
We all have different shapes can this be a one size fits all.

Re: Free Pattern: Make a Yoga Mat Carrier

Please can we also have a pattern for these lovley loose pants as i am going to join a yoga group this year.

Re: No-Bulk Elastic Joint

i think this very inventive, but one question if this is a very active child do you think the fabric used between the join should be stronger e.g. calico

Re: Vest, Turtleneck, and Leggings Ensemble

I just love this look, advice please in Australia we are going in to summer.
Is the above a fashion item in the u.s. winter. I would just love to make it next winter, even though i am 60 size
u.s. 12/14 16 aust. I am wondering if others think it may be to young for our age group. I picture really nice pumps and black stockings nice matching shirt.
As i have said in gatherings there is just not enough fashion ideas out there for our age group.
Dear threads how about some older ladies in middle years as models.