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New Hampshire

I have sewn for over 40 years, and will try anything. I now weave, so I specialize in sewing with handwoven fabric. It is very satisfying to create the fabric from the thread forward, and no so daunting to cut once one knows a few tricks. I teach other weavers who weave far better than I, so there's a wonderful exchange of ideas.
I am starting to quilt. And revisiting knitting after a long hiatus.
I'm sure more fiber addictions are on their way!

craft interests: quilting, restyle, sewing, weaving

Member Since: 06/21/2010

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Re: Enter Our Huge Quilting Giveaway

My first serious quilt was inspired by Kaffe Fassett's striped shirt fabric quilt. I made it entirely from shirts found at thrift stores and the goodwill, and backed it with an old chambray striped sheet I had. Because the shirts had been worn, the quilt feels softer than it would had the fabrics been new. I love it.

Re: Project Runway Season 13: Episode 3, "Welcome to the Future"

I feel that Sandhya is gutsy, but I thought her outfit was ugly. There were some great pieces by the designers that were safe - Karina's coat and Fade's ensemble were new and attractive.
I am impressed with the designers this season. One request - could we see the back views of the garments? Kristine's dress was really cool with an interesting construction and different colorway that we can't see in the front view.
I agree that Angela didn't belong there from the beginning. I wonder what her portfolio looked like?

Re: Make a Mary Poppins-Style Carpetbag: Part 1

Way cool bag, Kenneth! Could you tell me where I might find pieces of killim carpets? I see pillows made out of them all the time.
I'm hoping I can use a C-clamp, or some such homemade device for the stitching pony.
I've made backpacks with my handwoven fabric as an accent, but I think the killim would hold up better for the body. Do you find that it's scratchy against the skin?
Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Project Runway All Stars, Episode 4: "Keepin' it Classy"

I totally disagreed with the judges this week. I thought Irina's dress looked the most professionally crafted and Seth Aaron's the most innovative. Elena always does wonderfully constructed garments, but they are all beginning to look the same. Christopher's story was great; his look was too Darth Vader for me.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Quilt Love"

I forgot to add that it's very satisfying to cut up the shirts before cutting out the pieces! A great way to blow off post-divorce steam!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Quilt Love"

O.K., so my comment is about love, but in a sideways kind of way. I am currently making a quilt out of mens' striped shirts, inspired by Kaffe Fassett. The sideways bit is that I'm also newly divorced, so I have no mens' shirts just lying around. The love part comes from purchasing the shirts from the Goodwill, where the funds will go to help others less fortunate than myself. This is also a good way to avoid the "victim role". So far, the color scheme is evolving towards soft greens and yellows - definitely channelling a more "feminine" side of the male fashion world!

Re: 10 Better Sewing Habits

I think figuring out your individual ergonomic relationship of table to chair to sewing machine is crucial for good construction, let alone a healthy back. When I lowered my table and chair to the correct height - quite low to the ground with the table at 25" - I found I could sew much longer without fatigue. Remaining focussed while sewing is essential for a happy ending!

Re: Project Runway All Stars Episode 2: "Put On Your Dancing Shoes"

I thought the challenge was a good one, though few of the designers had any first hand idea what the 70's were all about. Are they given any time to research, or does a good designer already know all about styles from different eras? Having been a disco-dancing queen, I can say that Emilio and Casanova came closest, and even Wendy was more on the mark than Ivy or the winner, Uli, whose dress looked like a flapper-nod. Totally costume-y. I really don't get the judges' take on Ivy's dress. It looked like a hot mess to me, and no, we didn't wear hot pants with longer see -through chiffon skirts over them.
I hope to see more to convince me that we're watching stars here....

Re: Enter for Your Chance to Win a SUEDEsays Pattern!

Fun, fun, fun patterns and styles!

Re: Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy

Kenneth, you make everything so clear and are a constant source of inspiration! I have trouble keeping the edge of the tape even with the fabric as I sew, especially when I can't see the fabric with the tape side up. Pins don't help. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

I'm also curious about the zippers on the outside. At first, I thought it was a fashion statement, but now I wonder if it's just to save the designers time. Really, how hard is it to put in a zipper? The metal line down to the butt is never attractive, in my mind. I agree that team challenges really only provide drama for the show. These people would never team up in real life, and I expect some reality in this show. Let's see each designer take on the challenges alone. I want to see a designer's style evident in each piece he/she makes.

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

Also, it would be helpful to see the backs of all the garments in the still photos. After all, we are always seen going as much as coming, and the back of these garments are definitely part of the designers' plans.

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

Does anyone know if Maria Garcia was actually wearing the winning garment at the end, or had it been "re-made" for her proportions, based on Kim's design? Would Kim have had to fit and construct it? I'd love to know the follow-up in this challenge!

Re: Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

So I agree that the gimmick didn't work and the fashion wasn't fashionable. However, if the designers had imagined they were designing for the same proportions that most fashion drawings are - i.e. legs a mile long, normal albeit skinny torsos - there may have been some more believable designs. It could have been more fun than it turned out to be...

Re: Project Runway 9: My Pet Project

Birdseed all the way! He did mention that he had planned on adding something to the bottom, but changed his mind (did anyone else hear that?). I would have loved to see his original plan.
Olivier did not meet the criteria. If the show is going to set up challenges with specific "no-no's" then a designer must stay within the boundaries. I don't care how wonderful the outfit is - and Olivier's was totally unflattering to the model - the challenge must be met.
Not a good start, PR!

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I wish we could see more of the draping and actual construction done by the contestants. I assume they take a lot of shortcuts in creating such fabulous garments in so little time and I'd like to get some ideas from that.
It may call for a edited section of the show to be available online showing much more of the details of the artists at work!

Re: 3 Neat Edge Finishes for the Sleeveless Styles of Summer

I love the silk burlap! Does it itch? Can you let us know where you got it?
The finishes are simple and elegant. Thanks.