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Waldo, ME, US

sewing for eons. Singer sewing classes ages ago, (I am 60), sewing with gramma, stretch and sew and just love sewing, sewing, sewing.

craft interests: fashion, holidays, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 03/23/2010

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Re: Spruce Up Your Shirt Hem

I was pleased to find out that I had taught my daughter in law to make bias binding the same way you have taught here. but I am wondering if you could off set the center fold a bit, not much and then fold in the long edges making the back just a hair wider,like the bias tape you would buy. Worth try anyway. I do know it's hard if there isn't a wider side to catch it. another thought would be to stitch it to the wrong side first and then pull it over and to the front and then top stitch the front side down. That should definitely work. Try these on a small piece of fabric first and see how it works:)

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

actually, I am not an advocate of the smaller machines. Or am I an advocate of the very cheap machines. You really do get what you pay for in a sewing machine. I'm also not an advocate of buy sewing machines and any place other that a sewing machine distributor unless you have sewn for many years and can figure out on your own what to do with the machine. You can buy some very good, lower priced name brand machines, you don't have to have top of the line, but good quality is IMPERATIVE.
You also need a buttonhole application and a zig zag stitch.
The help that comes with buying a machine from a good distributor is priceless.
I have taught kids classes and adults where I would p/u older machines at garage sales and my husband would do maintanence on them, but if you want you own machine, do definitely buy a quality name. The stress it will save you is WELL worth it.
I have been sewing for money for over 45 yrs and have tried all kinds of machine. I always my friends when they ask, buy the best you can!

Re: Vintage Buttonhole Workers

Wow, I remember those buttonhole attachments from years and years ago. Actually, they make VERY good buttonholes and I have a friend who does period clothing and has a very old machine and still uses them.
Won't fit my machine, but boy do those bring back memories!