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Alexandria, VA, US

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, holidays, restyle, sewing

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Silk Christening Outfits for Twins

When my Husband and I asked very good friends what to get for thier new fraternal Grandtwins, his daughter (Mommy) asked me to make Christening outfits for them.  Mommy just wanted me to use the...

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Re: The Kilim Carpet Coat: Installing Shoulder Pads and Facings

This has been very interesting to follow. Great workmanship! Really looking forward to seeing you model the finished coat. (I do hope you will do that.)

For both hand and machine stitching what types of thread and needles have you been using? Have you needed to use pliers for the hand sewing? Are you using an industrial sewing machine for some of the thickest seams?

I have sewn on heavy car and tenting materials and had a great deal of trouble with skipped stitches. I will figure out how to fix the problem at that time. But because I work on that type of material so infrequently I'll forget the fix the next time I work on super heavy fabrics. Have you had that trouble? What is your fix if you have needed one?

Re: How to Sew Invisible Seams and Edges

I agree!

Re: Video: How to Attach Hooks, Eyes & Snaps

So simple! Looks very neat. I will be doing this from now on.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue #159, March 2012

Sounds like a great issue, as usual.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

What a great prize! Thanks for making it available.

Re: The Kermit-Green Jacket

What an easy creative fix. Just brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

This might come in handy when I teach a newbie to sewing this spring.

Re: Classic Bound Buttonhole

I enjoy making bound buttonholes. I like what they look like and I like handling fabric while making little windows. They add a nice bit of detail to a piece. My bound buttonholes usually look better than my machine buttonholes because I tend to rush through my machine buttonholes.

I have used a similar method that is described here. The one I used does not use a bias strip but an on grain strip. The strip is basted down the center on grain. The ladder rungs on the garment are on the exact buttonhole placement and you align the center strip basting with the ladder rung. The rest is just about the same. I will have to print this up to keep in my sewing area.

Is the cord primarily for strength and stability or for body and bulk?

Thank you for a very clear lesson and looking forward to more.

Re: Sewing Perfect Matchpoints on Intersecting Seams

hulagal, Check

Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread

Sometimes picking out the right needle and thread combination can take some trial and error. I have the most difficulty with synthetic knits. Sometimes a universal will work better than a ball point needle. I just have to try until it looks good. There are a number of sites that will help to start your needle vs. thread match. is the Coats & Clark site. I have even e-mailed manufactures for advice. Some of it has been extremely helpful. Mettler thread is available in my area. I do not use it a lot so their web site has been helpful for me to understand their thread.

I sew with a variety of fabrics and I am always changing needles. I try to use my needles till they die. By die, I mean the tip will dull or bend just enough to skip or wobble a stitch on one of my big projects. To look at them they look fine. Before I do trash a needle I will use a product called Innovations Needle Release, From Stan Rising CO., Inc. or All Purpose Sewers Aid, W. H. Collins Inc. I think they are both silicone based products. I use them very sparingly and have never seen any long term problems with them. I will even wipe a needle with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue they may have picked up. When sewing on very expensive or exclusive fabrics, very fine silk, or some ribbons, the cost of throwing out a needle is trivial. I will either set it aside to use latter or throw it out.

Re: 80 Yr. Old Liturgical Lace Gown

You do beautiful work. I especially admirer your hand work on this. It is amazing on this lace. How did you mark it for smocking? My Grandmother taught me when I was about 8 years old. It seems that it is almost a lost art. I am glad to see it executed so exquisitely.

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

You did a fine job. Your dress looks good on the dress form, but better on you. Often a simple looking project is technically very difficult. Your experience has paid off.
Now all you need is a yacht and a tropical moonlit night.

Re: First granddaughter's wedding dress

Just stunning, your work is beautiful. It truly looks like a labor of love. Thank you for sharing.