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craft interests: embroidery, fashion, knitting, sewing, POLYMER CLAY

Gender: Female

Member Since: 12/29/2008

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Re: The Case of the "Sewing Solutions: Dye Disasters" Disaster

The question was about a possible "sewing" blunder which I had and my daughter solved.
I was sewing machine embroidery designs of TAZ on a shirt and got the collar caught under the hoop.
My daughter's solution was to cut a chunk from the collar to make it look as though TAZ had chewed it! Too cool!

Re: Quick to Make: Sew Fabric Pyramid Pouches

Since any size can be made, I have done several for evening purses.

Re: Video: An Expert Tip for Working with Multiple Threads

I think the purpose of the lip balm is to smooth down the "nap" of the thread?

Re: Video: How to Thread a Twin Needle

I would like to see instructions for threading a triple needle.

Re: How to Sew a One-Seam Poncho

OK, you have now sent me down the "rabbit hole"!
I have cut out 3 and have fabric ready for 2 more!

Re: How to Sew a One-Seam Poncho

THANK YOU, Evamarie!

Re: How to Sew a One-Seam Poncho

Well, I guess I pushed the "easy button" as I found my Issue 127!
Now, to get out the magnifying glass to actually read the article. Will probably get my MENSA daughter to help!

Re: How to Sew a One-Seam Poncho

I did not realize this was only for "insiders"?
I have let my subscription lapse but cannot get a good download/

Re: How to Use Border Prints

Will try to remember this.
Most of the border prints I have used have been directional so I did not have this choice.

Re: Video: DIY Faux-Velvet Board

Fortunately I do have a velvet pressing board from many years ago!

Re: How to Create Echo Stitching

WOW! This brought back memories!
I did this in Junior High School in our Home Ec class for a potholder.
Received an A+ from the teacher! LOL!

Re: How to Sew an Easy Shrug

I have cut one out for an artist's mannequin (12" tall) but can't get the courage to cut one for myself!
Getting a correct measurement in the back is holding me up.

Re: SewGreen Helps Youth Build Skills and Success

Oh, how I wish we had something similar to this in Dallas, TX!
I have so much fabric and yarn I want to give away to a deserving organization, knowing that it will be appreciated!

Re: Kenneth D. King's Kilim Carpet Coat: The Big Finish

OH, I was SO glad to see this article. I have been checking frequently to see if it was done!

Re: How to Make Bias Pants

Have made a pair of one-seam pants in black silk dupioni and really like them but now I want to do the same with patterned fabric, perhaps sand-washed rayon?

Re: Four Techniques for Creating Designer Garments

Wrapping the chain with chiffon sounds neat but I do not care for the "frayed" look.
And I think I will stick with the main skirt fabric for a kick-pleat.
Love reading the ideas though.

Re: Create a Swirled Bias Sleeve

I keep coming back to this and did get out my Issue #155 but am still waiting on "more details"!
Trying to figure out how I can "subscribe" to this topic so I won't miss any additional information?
Have to look it up on Goog;e every time.

Re: Make Lace From Scraps

OH, YUM! I can picture using this technique to make long sleeves on a garment for evening wear!

Re: The Kilim Carpet Coat : Adding the Collar and Sleeves

Not from a carpet but I have made a Bog Coat from a "puffy" bedspread!

Re: How to Identify Fabrics with a Burn Test

I have been doing the "burn test" for over 20 years for both fabric and yarn for knitting.
Learned about it from a book by a well-known author.

Re: How to Widen a Slot-Seam Opening

I LOVE slot seams but haven't sewn any in probably 60 years!
THANKS for the reminder of how wonderful they look!

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

I am SO glad it is going to be a random drawing as I am not very good with words but would really like to win an additional year!

Re: Quick Tip: Button Placement Inside a Vertical Buttonhole

WOO-HOO! I have a ready-nade shirt whiich is always coming unbuttoned. I think I may just re-sew those buttons?

Re: A Quick Fix for a Baggy Blue Coat

I agree: I would like to see the coat on a model and also the front of the garment.

Re: A Vintage Blouse Embellished with Soutache Braid

I wouldn't swear to it but in my MANY years of sewing, I think I might remember that there was a special machine used in the industry which sewed the braid on?

Re: Take the "What's Your Style" Personality Quiz by BERNINA

YUMMY pattern! THANKS!

Re: Enter the Thrift Store Runway Fashion Contest!

My daughter and I LOVE to shop for clothes at Salvation Army and a local church thrift shop. I look for things for myself which I can embellish with machine embroidery but my daughter looks for items she can wear on our many ship trips for "formal evenings".

Re: How to Make a Striped Origami Belt

I would love to see the finished product on a model?

Re: Fashion Scarf How-to

Purchased 8 yeards of cheesecloth yesterday. Now to try this wonderful idea! Thanks, Louise! Edith

Re: How to Sew a Bound Buttonhole

To: 956070--
I just now saw your request for instructions on making a sailboat bound buttonhole which I mentioned previously.
Maybe I can find the instructions but as I said, it has been at least 50 years since I made them. Will try to remember to post if and when I do find the info. Edith in Dallas TEXAS

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The April/May 2012 issue of Threads magazine!

Not trying to win a copy of the issue since I have been a subscriber since the "get-go" but all these comments have certainly piqued my interest. Need to find a quiet spot and read it thoroughly! Edith in Dallas TEXAS

Re: How to Sew a Bound Buttonhole

LOVE bound buttonholes!
MANY years ago (about 50?)I had the instructions for making bound buttonholes in the shape of a little sailboat! Too much fun! Edith in Dallas TEXAS

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Chronicle of Western Costume" by John Peacock

Well, am sure I have no chance to win this book so have put it on my "wish list" at Amazon! LOL!

Re: Is There a Right Way to Iron a Garment?

What a totally unexpected topic! And i LOVE it!
Had never even thought about my ironing method before.
Shirts: sleeves first then right side of back yoke then total right front then back including left side of back yoke then left front and lastly, the collar and stand from the right side.
I have made many, many pair of Sandra Betzina's one-seam pants and iron from the lined-up inseam toward the outer part but no creases.
I am so lucky that my daughter has picked up the love of ironing also as when we are onboard ships on vacation, she will iron my clothes in the community laundry room.
I have had other passengers ask me to iron an article of clothing for them and I am more than glad to do so.
Edith in Dallas TEXAS

Re: "Baby, it's cold outside"

I just wish all those who have made their coats would be so kind as to post pictures!

Re: McCall's patterns for your fabric stash

Am I correct in thinking that the description of pattern #6511 should be "racer-back" not "razor-back"?

Re: Patterns: Wide Leg Pants

I have used Sandra Betzina's one-seam pants pattern for several (about 15?) pair and love them! Silk dupioni for the most part and some in drapery-weight linen. Some with cuffs and some without.

Re: Front Edge and Shoulder Pads for Fantasy Fur Jacket

OH, MY! I would so love to wear this jacket but could never afford it in this lifetime!

Re: Turning Pillowcases Into Dresses

THANKS to the subsequent comments on this article, I now see where that person was coming from when labeling this idea as a "total joke".
Appreciate the enlightenment and will go forward to try to make some of these myself.

Re: Turning Pillowcases Into Dresses

I don't understand why the previous poster felt this was a "total joke". Wouold someone please enlighten me? Thanks.

Re: 30-Minute Jacket

WOW! Finally took the time to read ALL the comments and see that I missed the fact of 2 3/4 yards X 25 inches. Back to the drawing board! Did use 1/4 inch graph paper and made 2 little jackets (pinned only) for a doll (wooden drawing articulated figure). Too cute and also made the saecond one in striped fabric so could compare with Issue #100. Is there a gallery for this as yet?
Edith in Dallas TEXAS USA

Re: Classic Bound Buttonhole

I sewed many a bound buttonhole back in the 50s, even a triangle shape but have not done a corded one. Just may try it!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

Oh, my goodness! I made those clothes in the 50s!
If I am not one of the lucky winners, I may have to track down and purchase this book!

Re: Sewing with the Bobbin Thread

I did this technique "about" 40 years ago! Thank you, Kenneth King for refreshing my memory!

Re: Get Biased

"Dying" to try this out and glad to see the correction before I cut into any fabric but if I may make a suggestion? How about referring to the second piece of fabric as a "rectangle" and not a "square"?

Re: hand painted ultrasuede journal - copper

Oh, YUMMY! I have the Ultrasuede, the Lumiere paints; now to get a "round tuit"!

Re: Hell in a Handbasket Hoody

Would really like to know what the fabric is? My first thought on seeing the article was how neat it would be made from fleece (no fraying edges with which to contend!).