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craft interests: fashion, quilting, restyle, sewing

Gender: Female

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Re: Project Runway, Season 14, Episode 14: "Finale, Part 2"

I think the judges made the right decision. All four designers were very talented, but of the four, I think the choice was between Kelly and Ashley. Ashley's collection was inspired by 1950's Mexico. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but it was very pretty and I believe what pushed her into the winner's circle was the uniqueness of being a plus size designer. Every year has been a win for fashion designers of smaller sizes. It's great to see plus size have a voice. I can't wait to see how Ashley does in the fashion design world.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: The Best of Threads Fitting

My biggest fitting problem is having to fit myself with no "fitting buddy". I have a fitting form, but it doesn't duplicate the exact fitting issues I have.

Re: Instant Fit Check


Great idea, but how did you trace the shape without distortion?


Re: Project Runway Season 11: Episode 3, "Surprise Me"

What really surprised me was that Cindy went home instead of Ben. They apparently judge on more than the design in front of them. If they did, Ben would have gone home since his dress wasn't even completely sewn together. It was held together with belts. I knew the taffeta was a poor choice, but come on, to say Ben's design was better? I think what they may have been thinking is, who would be more likely to create more fashion forward garments in the future. Cindy is marvelous at tailoring, but Ben, if he didn't wash out, would likely create designs more suited for a younger client.