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Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

I purchased this machine when I found it on clearance at Target. I paid less than $40. and honestly purchased it as a complete impulse. I use it primarily for experimental free motion work as I continually knocked my Pfaff out of time with my rather 'passionate' sewing. :) I have been surprisingly pleased with little Hello Kitty. It sews well, produces an even stitch and threads easily. The accessory box is a bit of a pill to remove and you have to remove it to access the bobbin.

As far as a 'toy' or starter machine for children or beginning sewing enthusiasts....when I purchased my Pfaff, my daughter was 7 years old. I kept my old Kenmore for her to learn to sew on. Once she sewed on the Pfaff though, she preferred the walking foot, the built in needle threader and the capability to have the needle always return to the position that doesn't unthread it. (Sorry, can't the proper name) It was also wonderful to have the ability to slow down the speed of the machine. She doesn't sew much, but once she got the feel of the Pfaff, she didn't want to touch the Kenmore at all! I finally sold the old dear (the machine, not my daughter) to a family with four daughters.

The moral of this tale is that everyone should try out multiple machines and know which features they consider important. Buying a good, steady, even stitching basic machine is fine but do get quality for your money!

By the way, Hello Kitty is quite the conversation starter. She certainly brings a smile to my sewing room.