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Lindsey im not telling u my last name, wut r u a stalker??, NH, US

When i gert older i dont want 2 be a fasion designer. I WILL BE A FASION DESIGNER!!! i no it. im pretty random im the kind of girl who in in dead silence will shout out sumthing crazy like purple crayons...or...postcards. haha. i also like music. my room is were i am half the tim my family calls it my hole cuz i go in as soon as i get home from school then never come out until dinner then i go back up and they dont see me again untill mornig. my room is a mess of sheet music,insruments, cloth sewing boxes, beads, sketches of clothes, acceseries, and clothes with posters and pillows everywere. yahh crazy dosent even cover it.

my style in clothes is...spontanious..its unexpected...its crazy...its...well...its..ME!!!

i have a band called WISH i design clothes for my band.

craft interests: fashion, restyle, sewing, sketching designs

Gender: Female

Member Since: 05/31/2009

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Re: Close-Fit Duct-Tape Dress Form

this is great if yoour younger and still growing then u can use the paper maicha one beacause its more detailed i make my own clothes cuz i finit hard 2 find clothes 2 fit me because im pettitethis will make it so much easier thanks