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Re: Video: Two Techniques for Edges

@knittinsis, yes, you sew where she pinned -- she was "pin stitching" for the sake of time/hassle on the video. You match up *and stitch* on the diagonal line she drew, with the point of the mitered Corner being the end of the stitching line.
-->Also, when you are finished the two raw edges may not meet evenly; they will if you have the same size hem on both edges and use a 45 degree angle to draw your stitching line. You can get them to match in other cases by: 1--folding both hems in, flat, 2--marking the spot on each raw edge where they meet/overlap, 3--use those two spots and the Corner point to draw your stitching line. (it helps to understand this if you walk through it with marked fabric in front of you) I use this for the bottom of curtains/draperies where the extra weight is a plus! Hope this helps!