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Re: How to Sew a Bound Buttonhole

Oh, my goodness, this makes me even more excited about the copy of Couture Sewing I just ordered! Thank you for your well-written instructions!

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Chronicle of Western Costume" by John Peacock

There is so much to be learned about design, and- more importantly to me- construction from the history of costume. The way that fashions were constructed in the past offers me so much education and inspiration. I love that I can change the appearance of a garment by changing the structure of it's foundation and I find so much aid in adding comfort to tailored clothing that way. This book looks magnificent- but I'm glad my sons are old enough to cook, because I won't be doing anything else for a week if I win it!

Re: Why are pincushions frequently made to resemble tomatoes?

Thank you so much for this nicely researched bit of info- I always wondered about that! I'm going to email Dad & ask him to print one out for my mother, too, since she gave me mine for Christmas years ago!