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Winnipeg, MB, CA

Member Since: 06/25/2011

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Re: Book Giveaway: "Quilt Love"

I made a small scrap quilt of one inch squares to cover a table. It was great fun to do and turned out much better than I expected. I machine quilted it with diagonal lines of stitches.

Re: Sewer vs. Sewist

I really dislike the word sewist. Fabric artist is much better. I don't know how anyone can mistake sewer (one who sews) with sewer (drain). One has to look at the context of the sentence.

Re: Slot Buttonholes

I have made slot buttonholes on the vertical by making the seam at the center front of the garment. This works really well if you are using polar fleece which does not lend itself well to regular sewn buttonholes.

The horizontal seams on the coat shown are quite lovely but in order to prevent gaping, the coat may require snaps inside if the buttonholes are too far apart.

Re: Slashing Just for Fun

I have great admiration for Kenneth King; he does some wonderful work. However, slashing a perfectly good pair of jeans, in my opinion, is one way to completely ruin them. I will admit, though, that they look good on Mr. King. To me, tearing and/or slashing clothing is symbolic of violence and I would never allow my children to wear torn jeans no matter how popular they were.

Re: Drawstring Placement

This is a very helpful explanation. For "Puterdame", a drawstring or cord is put through the casing which is sewn at the waistline. When the cord is tied at the waist, the garment becomes gathered above and below the waist and thus the waist is defined. Hope this sounds logical to you.

Re: Your Favorite Jacket Can Become a Vest

That is a very cute vest. A friend wanted to make a vest from a jacket which was no longer stylish. However, when she removed the sleeves, the armholes gaped far too much. I fitted the vest on her, put darts at the shoulders and bust and also resewed and tapered the shoulder seam. I used the sleeves to make facings for the vest. My friend was very pleased with the results.