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Terrebonne,QC, QC, CA

Gender: Female

Member Since: 11/13/2009

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Re: Project Runway All Stars: Return to the Runway

Rami deserves the win,how extraordinary his work looks,so well done nd couturelike.Fantasticé

Re: Pleat School

Judith,I always find your teachings and comments so useful ,how I wish I knew so much in sewing.Thank you.

Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

What a great idea,thank you for sharing.

Re: Project Runway - Season 7 Finale

I dont agree at all with the judges`s choice and I am not the only one. Emilio was and is the best !!! How come those "experts" think that they know better than us ,the consummers, we buy the dresses that are elegant and refine,I would not be seen dead in those "mardi-gras or hard rock COSTUMES".Keep it up Emilio we are all behind you.

Re: Trimming Tricks

This is great thanks a lot

Re: Outfit for Office ... like Pro ...

Wow you are very good at this

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

cover A of course.

Re: Vote for the Ultimate Sewing Room and Win!

would be nice to vote but cant see a thing

Re: Choose the Winner in the Fancy Fabric Contest

Holyday suit by Laura-Mae has my vote because it is a suit that you can actually wear and like on my comment about that ensemble,it is as nice and perfectly done on both side.All the other entrys are very nice ,the scintilating is fabulous,but I could not see myself in that dress ,the ungaro vest is super nice,Iwould wear this easely on a little black dress,the high glam must have been a lot of work and is beautifly fitted,the christening gown is "darling" for the new baby!! So good lock Laura-Mae ,to me you deserve to win.Ghis

Re: Steppin' Out

Great work,you deserve all my compliments.Showing less skin would have made the look more discret.GHIS

Re: Mad Men inspired Holiday Suit

WOW!!! Laura-mae,I am quite sure you must be a perfectionist(like I am )because the inside of your fantastic ensemble is as nice as on the outside.BRAVO!!!Also looking good as you do ,you are really rending justice to your superb work.The choice of color is absolutly perfect and the fit,well,could not be better,GHIS

Re: Ruffled Frill in Red and Orange.

Now really Iabou,this is in no way saying that your work is not good,but to me the dress looks more like a western costume for a yahou party.You look so good and slim please be careful in the mix of color and the choice of color regarding you skin tone and the color of your hair.Iam truly sorry to tell you this but I find that for such a good looking young lady like yourself,you could go with a little more subdued palet or range of hues.Also with a figure like you have this totally hides it.Show it off while you have it,but in a simpler manner so it is you that we see and not just the dress Ghis

Re: Beaded Embroidered Silk Ensemble

Wowwwww! Good ,I should say fantastic workmanship,As jojoma says this has the haute couture look and also what a stunning figure.Bravo.Ghis

Re: cocktail dress

You are a stunner,very beautifull.You look like a movie star.

Re: Vogue printed linen summer dress


Re: Nandi's Green Dress

Well,there is no dout that you have great imagination and creativity including lots of talent but,I would not wear this dress,wouash!!You are such a pretty young ladie and this dress does not do anything for you,I am so sorry to tell you this but I felt you had to be told because I am sure you can come out with something so stunning to wear.Believe me when I say ,
that I am sorry to tell you this.

Re: How to Make Loops in Soutache Braid

I, Do you have any exemple (pictures) so I could have an idea of how to use this wonderfull technic and where it could be applied
Thank you

Re: Project Runway Episode 12 - Who Goes to NY Fashion Week?

In respond to (not ghis?) my password has change but my user`s name is still Ghis.I think that Carol Hanna should win,her design is very distinguish and at the same time very sexy.The color is very rich and the work seams to be well done,so BRAVO to Carol Hanna Ghis