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Re: Pre-Teen Special Occasion Dress

A beautiful job, Anita. As one of your American Sewing Guild group members, I know how much "labor of love" you put into this garment. We saw it as a work in progress and I'm glad that you shared a photo of your granddaughter in it. Hopefully she'll be able to wear it for several special events before she outgrows it. It should be come a family heirloom.

Re: Win a Copy of Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King on DVD

KK is "the King"! His presentations, whether via the media or in person, put his unique techniques within reach of all of our abilities. I have had the privilege of attending some of the workshops that he has done for the American Sewing Guild. He is so patient as his students work through his projects and generous with sharing.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations"

One of the best aspects of sewing is that there is always something new to learn. Sometimes that new learning requires a look back to the styles/techniques/fabrics of the past. This book provides great inspiration for modern sewers.

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

Kenneth King, you definitely have wa-a-a-y too much time on your hands -- and we are all the better for it. Thank you for yet another crazy, wonderful inspiration.

Re: How to Make Hairpin Lace

Greetings, Kenneth --

Please follow me home some day so that I can tell my mother, "But he followed me home -- can't I keep him?"

Your continue to inspire all of us, even though there aren't enough hours in the day to try everything you suggest.

Thank you for being one of the torchbearers for the "Sewing Olympiad."


Re: Book Giveaway: "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"

I plan to visit the exhibit at the Met when in NYC next week -- would love to read "the complete story."

Re: Narrow Back Adjustment

I have used my upper bust measurement to accommodate for narrow shoulders but still needed to do further adjustments to the back. Princess seams and back darts have made such alterations easier, but this added technique is very helpful for patterns without those features. Thanks so much.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

My sewing career started with my mother teaching my sister and me how to do cross stitch and decorative embroideries. Now I have "Big Bertha," my sewing/embroidery machine. Inspired by Anna Mazur's observation that it's fun to put a surprise inside a jacket or coat, I now use various small machine embroidery patterns to embellish the top and waist of the wearing pleat in jacket and coat linings. My ASG sewing friends know to look for these little surprises when I share a new garment.