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craft interests: knitting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 06/06/2010

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Re: Slashing Just for Fun

The technique is great but not for jeans, other items would be really cute.

Re: Creating a Minifacing

I also make and sew doll clothes and this is an excellent tip, love the idea of using silk organza. Thank you

Re: Video: How to Embellish with Studs and Rhinestones 101

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for that video, I have seen this in the stores but always hesitated to buy it, and with your video, now I will purchase this.

Re: Shape a Sleeve with this Easy Fold-Over Placket

I love this idea and probably have used it before. Sleeves are always too wide for me. I just ordered a jacket that is reversable and this is a great idea, because the sleeves are too wide again. I will investigate this idea. I have used something similiar on doll clothes as a different sleeve idea. It looks great.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: Spacesuit--Fashioning Apollo

I was up at the lake, hotter than you know what and it was humid and I was pregnant with my second son and bigger than a house and just miserable. My son was born September 4th and he was 9Lb 10oz and he was 24 inches long, so you can believe me when I say I was big. The landing was still exciting though and I am glad it went okay.

Re: Ruffled Spring Ensemble

I had the two boys, but now, I have TWO granddaughter and love to sew for them.

Re: Girls Pink Polka Dots Ribbon Skirt

I love it. The one with the grograin ribbon, so interesting. Great style.

Re: A Nice Little Suit

I love it, including the front skirt. Are those ruffles frayed? Thank you for sharing. Gives me an idea for a doll skirt.

Re: Video: Designer Charlotte Todd Auctions Kate Middleton's Catwalk Dress

I am always amazed at what the press think we are all interested in. I will watch the wedding of course, but could care less, who designs it. I am sure it will not be real fussy like Diana's was, too much. But, I am sure it will not be plain because then there will not be much buzz. I will not be getting up early to watch either, catch whatever is on when I get up it good with me. They seem like really nice people and that is what they need over there.

Re: Sewing shows yield rare fabric finds

I go to the sewing and quilting expo every year and last year I won, one of their drawings. I was thrilled with a bag full of goodies. There are always lots of new things and its inspirational to say the least. I love it. I took about five classes this year too.

Re: A Buyer's Guide to Your Dealership

I have had Singers in the past and I went with the top of the line Bernina at the time, didn't use all the features at the time, but I sure do now 20 years later and I knew I would when I bought it. I am so glad I bought it when I did because they are so expensive now, I wouldn't want to spend the money. I have never been interested in quilting and the embroidery very little so, I am happy with the same machine I bought twenty years ago. I have replaced the serger several times because they have perfected them.

Re: Inside a Silk Charmeuse Jacket

I would have placed those frogs in a different place. I think this jacket would look so nice modeled on the person, it is lovely, but I am sure better with the complete look. I always line things by hand, its easier than it sounds and you have a nice control over it.

Re: Add Your Input to the Sewing Group and Gathering List

I go to the sewing expo in Minneapolis, MN in November, its exciting with lots of ideas and stimulation

Re: How to Make Stripe Insertions

I like the uneven stripes, but fail to see where they actually pieced anything, I think its the wrong shirt for the example. It should be pieced first, then cut out as one. I don't know who would do it like stated.

Re: Decorative pockets or bound buttonholes

I agree with sewwellgo and I do appreciate all these fine details. Love it Love it..........

Re: Braided Belt: The Next Generation

Looks great to me but will leave it to people that love that sort of thing, too complicated for me.

Re: Simulators Let You Sew Virtually with Bernina's 8 Series

I love the Bernina site, and use it often, because of all the different feet they offer. It is just like being in the store and you can go over the process several times. Plus, I have forgotten what some of the feet are used for as I was doing more upholstery when I bought my machine, than I do now. I have the 1130 machine.

Re: Video: Knit Fabrics

I will second that comment on sewing on knits. I know what they are but need knowledge and handling them. Thank you.

Re: Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part Two

I desperately needed to learn this and found that when I went to my Bernina site, they gave wonderful instructions in a video, I am sure its the same for all machines and I sucessfully mastered it on my first try. Gorgeous and I am now doing another skirt with this. My project is doll clothes with a ruffly skirt. I used my ruffler sucessfully too. Sure glad I bought these parts long time ago as they are very expensive now.

Re: Advice for those thinking about a career in sewing or design

I agree with thie comment, you have to do it and put in your time and the school of hard knocks teaches you. I agree, with the comment, do more than what is expected of you in class, that is what I did. It was a passion with me and I started at age four. Art is very important because we all design and change things to our liking. I get inspiration from everything I do and see, and visit as many stores as possible. Other people might be looking at the color of a dress, sofa, tablecloth and I might be imagining something all together different. I always look at how things are assembled. I often equate it to the judging of figure skating, in order to judge skating you would have had to do those jumps yourself, because when I look at them, they all look good. I think sewing is in your DNA, but go ahead and start doing your own house, clothes, etc, people will see it and then they start asking if you will do theirs. That is how I started.

Re: Perfectly Pink

I really like this, different and really sharp

Re: Tapestry and denim jacket

I like it too but think it probably looks better in person that a picture of it. I have found that to be true in many cases.

Re: Skirt & top

Just gorgeous, love the color too