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montesano, WA, US

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, sewing, Sculpting, costumes design

Member Since: 07/15/2009

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Magical Purple Fife the Jester

this is the Magical Purple Fife. There is beads hanging at the arm and waist. The star on the bodice is sewn on by hand with a few crystles to glint every now and then. The sleeves were a bit...

Tartan Fife the Jester

Each diamond was cut from a different tartan pieced together like a quilt and then the pattern pieces were cut out. Gold trim was sewn on every diamond seam by hand (on each side ) to make it lay...

Halloween Jester

The fabric in this costume came from remminents of other garments. the black is from a piece of tablecloth. the Candy corns were pieced together strips from  leftover pieces of Waterednbsp...

Green Girl of Leaping Land

Green Girl from Leaping land wears a vest constructed from indivually hand cut and painted leaves attached along the veins. Head piece is constructed with silk floral and mask is purchased.

Jestersmother Info

I am a 56 year female. Married 30 years. 2 grown daughters and a 3 year old grandson. I always wanted to design clothes but could never afford the schooling. So I just designed and made cloths for my...

Jester Scepters for Fife the Jester

These are Jester Scepters used by my daughter when she dances in her Fife the Jester costumes. The main character in her children show, Fife the Jester in Leaping Land.

recent comments

Re: Threads seamstress contributed to jacket on display at Winterthur Museum

I did go to the PDF what great info. Would love to learn the stitches for a few things I am working in. There was one in particular that was a braided matalic thread and it was used to cover the seams. What a beautiful piece of work made with a loveing effort.

Re: Unraveling Party Fabrics

I know there are sewers out there that have had the nightmare of sewing on that sequin fabric that gum's up the sewing needle every few inches. Is there anyone out there that has had success sewing on that devil of a fabric?
For me it is a study in crying, weeping, and waling and gnashing of teeth. Then running from the house screaming and pulling my hair out. I have seen uses for it but cant figure out how to attach it. Do I glue it with Fabric glue?
Any body got anything?

Re: Medieval angel tunic and accessories.

Hello Rosie,
I love Vintage and costume too You are the first writer that has an interest with Millinery too.
My daughter is a dancer so I get to make her costumes. I am a Dental Tech by trade and work in my home. Candice is the 'Fife' character and dances Scottish Highland Choreography. It is a hoppie kind of dance and children love to participate, good exercise. We have been working on this children show for the past 2 years. I have made the costumes for most of the other characters along face prosthesis and teeth. One of the characters is a enchanted Wolf/Man that teaches children about animals care. We haven't done any filming yet there is still so much to do with sets and props. We are making all this ourselves. In the hope we will be able to get picked up by a production company.
Any way i love making hats and am just starting. My husband bought me some great Millinery books. Now I am looking for the outlets to supply things.
Hope you put more of your things up on Threads. i love to see what other seamstresses are designing.
The Jesters Mother

Re: Jester Scepters for Fife the Jester

Savory and Fred have the same hat. They take forever to stitch the side 'horns?'on. My next one will look like Fife herself. I have been looking for the tiny hat instruction on Youtube to get more knowledge on construction.
Look on Flicker and Myspace's Jestersmother name and see more of her costumes. Wish I know how to link them for you. Sorry
I am just learning the computer.

Re: Two tone violet jacket

Oh my goodness,,, Look at that collar! I just love your detailing.
I don't have pictures here of my costumes but my daughter put some up on Flicker under the Jestersmother name. Wish I could contact you and ask questions about construction. I think you can write them right on the flicker site. I will ask her to help me put some of them here but maybe you could give me some pointers.
I have a Swallow tail coat that is driving me nuts with the back seam. I had to make it from Ultra Swede(sp)Too thick!
I just want to run screaming from the house sometimes.

Re: pinkish heirloom with flounce collar

Do you have the machine that makes this hole pattern in the material? I had a old friend that had one of them. She has since passed and I wonder what happened to it. Do you know what I am talking about? She used it to attach her crochet laces to napkins and other table cloths. I have found tablecloths and bought and used the material for costumes. I do this with Curtains too.

Re: red summer dress

They are all right. Construction concept extraordinaire.
You amaze me over and over.

Re: mother of the groom dress

I was wondering if there is any wiring in the cords that help keep the curls in it or does it just naturally curve that way from the bias cut of the fabric. I am a fan of yours now after seeing your other creations. I have so much to learn.

Re: mother of the groom dress

Superb, Very fine. Love it in every aspect.
You go girl!

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I have done the Plaster cast type of molding on my daughter for a costume piece of armor. I had to mix it and spread it on her. I had forgotten that you can buy the plaster impregnated gauze from medical supply stores. I would have been so much easier.
Using the Duct tape alone would be hard cause it doesn't hold its shape after cutting the front from the back. Using the plaster gauze strips make a "Mother Mold" to support it while the Papier-Mache drys. you still have to use the paper towels as a separator.

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

Weezie2 the paper tape is found at Staples or Office suppilys. It is for sending packages in the mail that need to be stamped with red ink. Sometimes you can get it at the Post office. But mostly at the office suppilys.