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Shakopee, MN, US

I've been sewing since I was 6 or 7 years old. Give me a piece of fabric and I can dream for hours, days, or even longer about what to create with it! Just thinking about what to do makes me happy, I don't even have to cut into it...... maybe that explains my closets full of fabric?
I went off to school on an art scholarship at the University of Northern Iowa and left a year later to attend the University of Iowa, still majoring in art, and another year or so later I found myself changing my major to Theater, which allowed me to feed my passion for clothing, fashion, design and sewing. The experience of working with a group of others to create something together really struck a cord and I've been working in the design field ever since. I moved on to interior design for a while and time and experiences have brought me to where I am now, designing procurement application software. I would never have imagined it, but I love it! And coming home to dream of new ideas to sew in the evenings is the icing on the cake. I still make the occasional costume or wedding dress, but mostly now it's personal sewing. Every so often though, I get the itch to try something new.... who knows what will be next?

craft interests: fashion, gifts, paper-crafts, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 12/20/2009

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Re: Project Runway: A Rough Day on the Runway

I thought the judges were brutal this week, too. I was really kind of shocked - what's the point of abusing the contestants?
I can't recall a nastier set of comments in a single episode. seems to me like Michael Kors is tired of it, so how about he goes home and we get a new judge - a true innovator like Marc Jacobs?? Maybe if Nina can't manage a smile she can be replaced too? Surely there's someone in the fashion industry that has a positive attitude - they keep telling us fashion is there to make us feel good. Do they really believe it? Poor Tim! The one positive influence...At least Heidi tries to be funny.
A point in the judges defense, how about screening the contestants to see if anyone knows what resort or sportswear is? How can you be around clothing and not know?

Re: Princess seams, and other treacherous curves!

Hi Kenneth,
Thanks so much for sharing this, I'm going to go try it out tonight! I've been sewing for 40 years and no one ever explained it like this to me, what great instructions!

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

I love my serger. I've had it for years, but some of the adjustments have always baffled me. I look forward to reading this book and gathering more insight into how to use this tool better and better!

Re: Sarai's wedding dress

You look fabulous, and so happy and at ease. The dress is gorgeous. What a beautiful bride!

Re: High Glam in Turquoise and Fuschia

I hope you get to make many many more gowns to share with us. This is wonderful, how lucky she is to get to wear this!!!

Re: 60s Christmas Ball Gown

It's gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane with us!

Re: Bewitching Beauty Wedding Dress and Veil

You did such a nice job with the satin, it's challenging to make so many seams in the bodice look that smooth. You make it look easy! Very pretty and fits her so well.

Re: Fancy Fabric Challenge - Rose Red's Wedding Dress

Very beautiful, I love the shape of the dress and how the train falls. It's really fun to see something so creative and different since wedding dresses have only been white for about 100 years, I enjoy seeing color creeping in again!

Re: Amanda's wedding dress

This is just lovely, what a special dress for all of you to enjoy, you must all be so proud! It couldn't have been more beautiful or well executed.

Re: Silk 1882 ballgown

I agree, this is amazing, and gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Keep sewing!!

Re: Brocade N Tissue N Satin Birthday Gown for my Little Daughter

She looks adorable! The color is lovely on her and I'm sure she feels like a princess, she looks like a beautiful little flower. The pouffy -ness of the skirt is nice, I like how the hem is swirly and adds to the feeling of lightness, and the contrast of the texture of the bodice fabric adds interest along with the fitting. The off shoulder neckline is very nice, too. I'm sure she had a very memorable birthday!