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craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, knitting, quilting, sewing

Member Since: 04/30/2010

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Re: Simplicity Veil with Lace Detailing

It is wonderful to see a resurection of the frills & lace

of days gone by, in women's dresses. Indeed, it's great to

see girls even wearing dresses!!! Shoes are enjoying a

more feminine style, too.

Re: Another Way to Make Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Kenneth darling!! I love it! I did it for a plain black,[Liz C.] opera,floor-length gown,which needed "new life ". placed it round under the bust, used black velvet1,1/2 in.
ribbon.Thank-you for the "rescue "!Love!

Re: How to Make Beaded "Berry" Buttons

I had difficulty controlling the bead,--[clumsy]--,so I used a small self-covered button, covered with same fabric.

Re: A Look at Exposed Zippers

Regarding the exposed zipper: NO,NO,NO!
Some things do not change, no matter who, or how many say
" yeah, " [that would be "yea "]. ON jeans---maybe, or on a
sweater pattern, where the seams are on the outside, but not on a dress. Sorry.

Re: A "New Look" for Fall

You know----"everything old IS new again, "---- I made this in dupioni silk, about 1989. Vogue pattern, with a jacket-style over-top, similar in style to the "cardi-wraps "girls are wearing today: sew--history does , indeed, repeat.

Re: Hurrah for Hollywood!

Now I know how it always seems that the costumes are so perfectly PERIOD-PERFECT !! Such a great "peek "! Thank- you Threads