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craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, holidays, paper-crafts, restyle, sewing

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Re: Book Giveaway and Free Pattern Downloads: "The Magic Pattern Book"

I teach one of nieces to sew. She is the only one of my big family who is interested in learning sewing and textile techniques. She enjoys learning, I myself enjoy teaching her. I guess, the book would be a great help to show her - additionally to my teaching- how patterns can be used. Not only as a template, strictly to be followed, but also and much more as a basic and inspiration to develop ideas of her own. And, of course, as an inspiration to upcycle or pimp up old or oldfashioned garment of good quality.
During my 50 years of sewing "career" I always found it surprising, how many sewers -beginners or advanced- used a pattern just as a pattern which has strictly to be followed. It's just a template, an inspiration. Amy's book would help to explain and understand this.

Re: Threads Selects Giveaway: "Easy-to-Sew Flowers"

well, there are some cashmere sweaters, classic style.Phantastic to wear, but the shape is a bit boring.
They require a little "make up".
Another piece of fine chevreau leather: wonderful blue color and I plan to sew a belt with a big flower.
Necklaces, one made of fine leather, another one of felt and some beads. So many ideas, so many possilities

Re: Book Giveaway: "Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations"

up to now I wasn't very interested in Prada fashion, it's not my prefered style. But I've ever been very interested in Schiaparelli. There are several books and lots of articles in my fashion library about her. I love Schiaparellis curved female style, the funny details she used to give a special "kick" to her fashion, the way she used unusual material. Interesting to see, how influence of and collaboration with artists of her time made her fashion so special. I don't see that at Prada. Seems to be very interesting to compare these both.
Certainly I'm very interested to get the book :-)

Re: How to Make a Snail Frog Closure

unfortunately I can't find this mentioned class on patternreview. Possibly you will help?


Re: Sew Vintage with The 1912 Project

well, I'm not a vintage sewer. but I own a pretty nice collection of German fashion magazines from 1913 to 1918 and they are inspiration for modern up to date fashion. I search my pattern library for matching basic patterns and then add details of the 1913 to 1918 vintage fashion. A suitable length, a suitable shape and when finished there's a unique and interesting design of a modern dress.