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My grandson wanted to be Superman for Halloween and I couldn't find a decent pattern to make the costume so I decided to design and make the costume myself.  I fashioned the main body parts after...

A Celtic Wedding

My middle son and his fiancé are getting married this month and are having a Celtic wedding. My middle son is wearing a plaid kilt with his fiances family colors, and the groomsmen are all wearing...

In honor of our Soldiers

I was asked to make an Army costume for one of my grandsons for Halloween, if I could.  I didn't have a specific pattern for the costume, I just used a basic shirt and pant pattern that I had...

Lions and tiger and bears OH MY!

For my 3rd grandsons first Halloween I fell in love with a pattern for a lion, McCalls 8938 pattern.  I made the pattern with soft flannel fabric, using some of the slipper sole fabric for the...

Another costume for another Grandson!

My second grandson wanted to be "Superman" for Halloween, I looked for patterns for the costume and could not find any, so I took a vintage pattern that I had of the old pajama's that snapped at the...

My Costumes

My Grandson is a huge Star Wars fan and wanted me to make him a star wars costume for halloween, There are no patterns for them so I fashioned that costume myself. I made the main body by making a...

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Re: Enter Our Huge Quilting Giveaway

My first quilt was a block of the month kit that I bought from Joanns sewing and fabric store. I had seen that they were selling these kits that were separated by each month 1-12 and a setting kit. Each set had pret cut fabrics to make the blocks for that month and all the instructions you would need for machine or hand sewing. Each month had different type blocks so that you learned something new. It took me about seven months to complete the queen size quilt which I gave as a gift to my daughter and her husband. I really had a great time, the quilt turned out so nice that my husband said he wanted me to make the same one for us!!!!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Patternmaking Made Easy," Third Edition by Connie Crawford

I like sewing pretty much everything. I love making costumes for my grandsons, for regular clothes I like making dresses.

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

My best tip would be to have a really good comfortable mat to stand on while doing your ironing, especially if you have a lot to do, plus press accurately, don't be a sloppy pressure! By that I mean make sure you have your seams all the way open when pressing, not partly open because it will impact the size of your quilt squares if that is what you are making.
I plan on using this awesome iron on everything! I don't just make quilts but I also do crafts and mending for my family, making outfits for my grandsons, etc.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Threads" Issue #165 (February/March 2013)

I love embellishing with hand embroidery. I have an embroidery sewing machine, but some items just need the old fashioned hand embroidery! It is relaxing to do while watching tv at night or waiting for an appointment.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The New June/July Issue of Threads (#161)

I can't wait to get my next issue, I look forward to my Threads magazine from the time I finish the one I just got, I only wish it came out more often! I always enjoy the articles on how to's, like the one you mention about making summer sewing projects, and I also enjoy meeting the designers! Of course there really isn't anything in the magazine that I don't like!

Re: What comes first in your sewing concept--the garment or its embellishment?

My project comes first in most cases and then as I am making the item I start to think of embellishments that might work on it. I am not very creative when it comes to embellishments, so that is why I need to have the project well on it's way before I can think of what else to put on it!

Re: There's More to See in this Great Sewing Studio

I love reading about others sewing studio's/spaces. I think it is really cool that you have sheep and you use their wool to weave and use in a knitting machine! I have a knitting machine, but don't have any space to have it set up right at the moment. My sewing room went from a somewhat small bedroom in our upstairs to a much smaller room downstairs (to save me from having to go up and down the stairs so often, to save my knees and back). I have much less wall space in my new space, so that has had a great impact, wall space is a great place for storing things! But in this room I do have a full lenngth (the full length of the room) size closet that has had the doors removed and my husband installed closet organizers to my liking and I use this space to store my clear fabric bins, my pattern boxes, my threads. This pas several years is the first time I have actually had a real room for sewing and it is a great privledge! Thank you for sharing your space with us.

Re: Free Patterns for Three Apron Styles

To Crofthouse: To save the instructions, click on the veiw all button on the instructions page then highlight the written instructions and right click, when the options come up, click on copy, then open your Word program or whatever program you have for writing documents, and open a new page, then click any place on the page and select paste. That will paste the instructions onto your new page, then you just save as you would for any document that you wish to save. I have a folder just for the Threads articles and projects so that they are easy to find at a later time. Once you have saved it, you can go back any time and bring it up, print it, email it as an attachment or anything you would like to do. Copy and paste is a great option for any articles that do not exclude you from doing so (such as copyrighted articles).

Re: Free Patterns for Three Apron Styles

I really appreciate the free pattern downloads, however, I think it would make it much more beginner freindly if the instructions actaully gave the measurements of each peice in the instructions themselves. The only thing we have to go on is the diagram on the graph and in order to find out inches we have to count the squared on the graph. I don't see any inch or metric measurements on the graphs or pattern peices. I am really bad at having to rely on counting the squares for the sizes! And I am not a beginner, but I just think it would be pretty easy to put the inch or metric measurements on the pattern peices (you know, like on the strap list 40 inches long by 3 inches wide and so on).
Thank you for all of the great articles!
I also agree with the others about having a picture of completed aprons!

Re: Jacket, Pants and Top

I LOVE the jacket design in this outfit, the whole outfit is very nice, the sewing is wonderful, the design is unique and I just love the colors as well.

Re: Fortuny Inspired Beaded Medley

This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL array of designs! The fabric is great and the purse is stunning!

Re: A new kind of fairy.

Your fabric is FABULOUS! I LOVE the colors and I think your little one will really love this for a long time to come!

Re: waldorf and statler

Are these costumes that someone can wear or are they more like halloween decorations?

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Deploy that Fabric" by Jen Eskridge

What a GREAT book! I have seen a lot of old military type shirts and t shirts and things at various thrift stores or Army Navy surplus stores, I am sure a lot of the men and women that had them don't want to have to be reminded of any bad times that they had in them or no longer need them once they have gotten out of the military. My Dad was a "lifer" in the Marine Corp and when he passed away, he was in another State and I have not been able to find out what happened to any of his Uniforms or medals (which I would love to have to put in a display case and pass down to my kids). I am now waiting for the Military Vetrans Affairs office to respond as far as getting duplicates. It is not exactly the same, but I can show my kids what medals and awards he DID get, he served in Viet Nam, Korea, and several other places! I missed him terribly as a child, but now as an adult I am honored that he served his Country in that way!

Re: No Halstons Here: Project Runway Episode 10 is "Sew '70s"

I think that ALL of them pretty much missed the mark on a 70's look! I was making and designing my own clothes in the 70's, they were not far out fashions by any means, they were made after the fashions of the time, but I was very very tiny at the time and actually was very leary of having to pick clothes from the childrens department AGAIN as that was the only place that carried clothes that would fit me. I think the closest thing was the cropped top, sans the uneven hem. That outfit did speak of a lot of the tops that the girls were wearing back then. Even Bert, who did live through the 70's pretty much missed the mark!! I do think that Victors outfit was similar to some of the 70's outfits, he should have just flared the bottom of the pants a bit more, and YES, I do think that his outfit wasn't picked to sell on the Piper line store because of the intense tailoring and precise work that went into it! I think it is time for Joshua to go home!! He is such a cry baby, and every time someone tries to give him some help or constructive critisism he gets nasty and the claws (or should I say talons) come out!! I am way over him by now, he seems to think his outfits are all the best regardless of what the judges say!

Re: I've Pieced It Together: Web Sites Offer Full-size Patterns

WOW, thank you for this information! This is great news, and I am anxiously waiting for your information on the "Rasterbater", I have had a problem with this very thing, I take a stunning picture of something (like flowers or landscapes) and when I go to print it out on something, if I enlarge it, everything comes out fuzzy! My camera is limited, so to have a sortware that could take care of this for me would be great!