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craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, knitting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 04/07/2014

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Tote Project for Wounded Military

This particular project is to help raise $ for an organization that is a ranch and offers horse riding for wounded soldiers and disabled children.   The goal is to make 20 totes by July 4 and all...

Linen dress using couture method

I've loved constructing this dress.  The zipper is a dream and I created my own technique with the stick on ruler tape.  This let me measure exactly 1/4 inch from the edge and each stitch is 14...

Practice makes perfect

I am developing my own designs (although there's nothing new under the sun) for a tote. I have created about 4-5 iterations so far.  Each time, I take copious notes and stop at the point I am ready...

The sewing room it took 30 years to get

This room has been converted for all of my projects; sewing; knitting & crochet; jewelry making.  Primarily sewing.  One photo shows some of the arrangement, drawers and shelves labeled, books...

recent comments

Re: How to Create Facings

Even for the more accomplished sewist, each of the articles posted are a very good review and reminder of best practices. I love this site!

Re: Vintage tween

I love this!

Re: Silk and Embroidered Tulle Couture Dress

Lovely. Couture is so satisfying, almost meditative for me. Handsewing is a wonderful contrast to my usually highly active life.

Re: A Close Look at the Stitching Inside 2 Dior Garments

Lovely and the benchmark to which a serious sewist aspires. I love the entire Threads site and appreciate so very much the expertise shared by its contributors.

Re: Video: Use Elastic to Space Buttons

I haven't found working from the top button provides consistent results. This is because of the length of the top, pattern style, etc. The most important button, to me, is the one that needs to strategically cover the bust area so there is no gap. I start with that buttonhole and measure up and down from there.

Re: Cheryl Kuczek Pattern Giveaway

I have so many lovely fabrics stashed away and think it would be interesting and fun to try the skirt in different lengths and "venues" such as daytime business, evening out, etc.

Re: Georgia's Coat

Love it and very clever use of pleats!

Re: Prom dress

Well done and I love the colors

Re: A border print sheath dress

I love the fabric you chose. And kudos for taking time to make a muslin before cutting into this lovely silk!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sew Smarter, Better & Faster"

With four sewing machines, multiple projects, as well as a busy career, often it is easy to forget a particular machine's last task. I no longer have that problem because I affix a strip of transparent tape to the table in front of a machine with the size/type needle and strength/type thread currently in that machine. No more unwelcome surprises!

Re: Another Stash Blouse

Love this!

Re: Awesome Upcycle


Re: Linen dress using couture method

It looks very much the same on me, including the "kangaroo pouch" front. It's not really that obvious; but, I don't think it enhances the pattern. I tried reworking the front, but have decided to go with the belt. It's still pretty slick!

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2014 SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge

Sewests (plural) - correction

Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2014 SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge

I continue to be amazed with negative commentary that offers nothing constructive, just mean spirited. I would imagine narrowing entries to finalists is difficult. It would be impossible to make everyone happy. And, here I thought sewest were a convivial lot :-)

Re: How to Use Border Prints

Perfect. Just received a shipment of a lovely linen border print.

Re: Pretty On the Inside Jeans

Wow, very nice!

Re: Happy Hoodie

Clever you and sounds like you have a trooper for a daughter!

Re: Asymmetric double layer blouse

Just received the pattern in the mail. Think I will lengthen it as you did - really don't think my tummy needs to be viewed by the world :-)

Re: Moto Jacket


Re: The Zlata Skirt From Stepalica Patterns

Love it...very clever

Re: Plaid and Ponte Moto

I'm like this alot! Sometimes, when we don't get what we want, it works out better than we can have imagined because we are forced to be even more creative :-)

Re: Red Carpet Dress


Re: Embroidered Silk Sheath


Re: Vera Wang inspired spring-time wedding dress

This is lovely.

Re: Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals

My comment should state the "lining" not the "linen" is pure rayon. Sorry about that!

Re: Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals

I am constructing a dress using couture techniques. The fashion fabric is embroidered linen; the underlining is a light cotton/linen; the linen is pure rayon. I've staystitched throughout and, as importantly, pressed as I go. The staystitched fabric unit, all seams, are catchstitched to the underlining. This is a great way to handle those clipped curve areas. Once the lining is in, all is unseen. But, I know it's there :-)

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue no.173 (June/July 2014)

Instead of looking back, I'm wishing for success as I transition forward from my current career to a new career in some field of design and sewing. I am working toward this very intentionally and methodically and, now, am beginning actually to see a glimmer of reality in this wishful pursuit.

Re: SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge 2014 - Official Rules

Not sure I am clear. Is this one's own design or can a purchased pattern be used?

Re: May Day Queen

Lovely. I imagine many little girls now dream of wearing this dress!

Re: Camel Wool Trousers

Well done!


Love it!

Re: Spring Green Wedding Gown


Re: The Wild side

Love it!

Re: Lovely Stripes: The Mabel Dress

Great design!

Re: Vintage Glory - Goodstein Great Design


Re: Asymmetrical Draped Dress

Lovely. Years ago, my brother lived in Los Angeles worked for a designer to the stars. He would send me crates of leftover upholstery fabrics. I made wonderful suits, dresses, kids' items, etc. Miss those days :-)

Re: Elegant January Coat

Very creative!

Re: Silk Cocktail Dress