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Hello, I am new to this site. I have a small sewing school, teaching childen to sew. I had a website, but it did not go to well. I use the local newspaper, and I have been doing ok. I also use "business cards" . Once worked in a department store cutting fabric. Have done some alterations and sewing with kids on a weekly basis. I only used this site, once about a year ago., so i am a newbee!Thank you for welcoming me, kreativelady.

craft interests: sewing, painting

Member Since: 11/23/2008

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Re: Prevent Prewash Fraying

Thank you Nancy for that tip for using old thread. I have been winding it back on spools, using it for "hand Sewing" for the children to learn this hemming job,etc. Everey time I sign on I get these great ideas from the staff, and contributers. Happy Days!! Kreativelady.

Re: Reusable Shopping Bags

These bags, are terrific. I tried making some a year or two back...but I never got around to it. They are unique.

I went shopping the other day looking for a way to use my paper sacks, and shopping at the "Dollar Tree" around here and they had these "paper poketbook style gift boxes, somewhat like a pocket. (you put small gift or flowers inside. Iam making up some of these for my "Money or gift card presentations. Has anyone seen this "paper pocketbook/purse? Kreativelady.


Re: Video: Making and Using a Muslin

I have a new lady in my class that wanted me to teach her the art of designing a suit jacket. I planned on using muslin for the draft pattern before I use the material she has chosen for the jacket? I plan on taking apart an old suit jacket and practice. Any advice on this technique would be welcome. Thank you keativelady.

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Hi, Just finished reading article for making the perfect garment for different shapes. I believe they referred it to a manican-style body using tight fitting material. It peaked my interest. Teaching children to make simple outfits for their projects appeals to me. Sizes are`always unpredictible, and outfits are time consumung getting each one to fit properly. Where is this information for this source to order? dancersimage.

Re: New Features for Threads

I have a project to complete for students in class. I have had trouble attaching a sleeve on a peasant blouse. Should I be using the method of arms-eye in this nightgown/puff sleeve? I seems very bulky. And the sleeves called for (bias or elastic or arms? Any suggestions on blouse.kreative Lady.

Re: Quick and Easy Duct-Tape Dress Form

I teach young children to sew, I need to finish a pheasant blouse/nightgown patters. I have a neck piece, a botton nightgown piece, and 2 flat side sleeve pieces.Should I have a nother piece for the sleeve? It looks wrong. Help. teacher in progress. Kreativelady.

Re: Video: A Neckline Binding for Knits

Watching the video for different steps in producing all the elements of the final projects was fascinating! Somthing to think about. kreativelady.

Re: Smooth Curved Seam

Kreativelady again.

ps. I have (3) pattern pieces for this peasant blouse. I have constructed the sleeves, and about to attach the "extra" curve from the sleeve.I have tried to fit it in the dress, but can't seem to understand the directions to add this piece... I attached the 2 pices in the arm area.

The pattern shows a seam on neck for eleastic, plus elastic is also added to the puff sleeve. This does not look right to me. Again I appreciate this help. kreativelady.

Re: Smooth Curved Seam

Iam instructing a class for children, and need help with a peasant blouse. I have the sleeve and the bottom of the blouse attached to the nightgown/blouse pattern.
I need to sew crved edge to make "a puff sleeve. The pattern shows puff sleeve with elastic top??? "also the neck is illustrated with a seam for elastic casing??? Then attached the gown at the bottom to complete? Help, kreative lady
Help I have tried everything, it does not look right to me.