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Re: Bag Your Jacket Lining

This is a needlessly complicated method. Yes, lining can be tricky doing it the way pattern instructions tell us. Yes, bagging is the easiest method by far. But 'tweaking' the method for the home sewer does what for us? It compounds the problems that home sewers already have when trying to make it look like ready-to-wear... by telling us to do it differently. Please stop insulting the intelligence of home sewers by assuming that we can't handle the methods the industry uses. Also, how can you streamline a process more than the industry? Streamlining = greater productivity = greater profits. They wouldn't do things a certain way without a reason.

Please don't take this to mean that I am not appreciative of the fact that a lot of work goes into making these articles, and I will readily agree that this is one of the better ones out there geared to home sewers... but implying that we need things simplified for us is doing everyone who reads this a great disservice.

If anyone wants to know how bagging is REALLY done by the industry, have a look at the Nameless Tutorials series (
and the bagging tutorial ( While there, take the time to read all the tutorials... you might be surprised how much easier the methods are when they aren't dumbed down for the home sewer.