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Re: Combining Fabric Weaves and Weights

I especially appreciate the tip about stretching a loose weave fabric to fit a curved seam rather than clipping it. I am preparing to sew my daughter's princess seamed wedding dress out of hand woven silk and I need all the information about loosely woven fabrics I can find!

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

I always appreciate seeing alternate ways to handle variables that come up when constructing garments out of the many fabrics we have available to us. We will all have our favorite methods, but sometimes the tried and true doesn't give the results we are hoping for and it's nice to have another option!

I'm wondering if you plan to use an underlining in this jacket and if you'd be willing to share your thought process as to why or why not? Is there another way to ensure that seams in areas of stress don't pull out?

Re: Firming Up Fabrics with Gelatine

I have used spray starch before with good success, but it's always nice to have another trick up one's sleeve! I can't see where this would make the fabric so stiff that it wouldn't be possible to ease and coax it into shape where it's needed. Along with some others though, I too am curious about pressing seams when the fabric is treated in this way. I also have another question. I live in Southeast Asia where it is very humid. I wonder how this would hold up. I have used Sulky Solvy, but I find I have to be very careful not to leave it out. II keep it in a bag with a dehydrating substance along with it. I suspect that in this climate, fabric treated with gelatin would just get sticky. I do plan to move back to the Midwest before too long and I think it will be quite a handy trick there!

Re: When downsizing, consider a new home for your stash

Probably the most challenging thing for me as I contemplate downsizing, is being realistic about what I can and will do in the future. I am interested in trying so many things! As I went through my late mother's things, I realized she was the same way. I tend to collect a wide variety of fabrics and notions and supplies because I am entranced by the possibilities. Problems come when I have an overwhelming array of supplies and no practical way to store them in a manner which makes it easy to find what I'm looking for. I waste a fair amount of time hunting for that one thing I know I have somewhere which will be just the thing for this idea I have! Sound familiar? If I could just buckle down and figure out what intrigues me the most and stick with that, perhaps I'd spend more time doing and less time searching.