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Re: 30-Minute Jacket

I tried drawing a diagram, but do not know how I could attach it. I will try to explain...
1. Lay fabric out, RIGHT side up. Mark just as in the above diagram.
2. Following above diagram, creat a diagonal fold by bringing the bottom corner to the mark (closest to the neck). After you bring the fabric up, pin across the top from neck out, NOT FROM NECK DOWN. A kind of triangle was just formed on each side.
3.Next, bring the top corner and fold, meeting the closest marking (dot). Sew this down, on top of the first seam.
4.Turn right side out.
5.Finish edges.

I hope this helps. I figured it out finally, but cutting a piece of paper, labeling everything, folding, and turning. I do hope I didn't confuse you even more! I'm much better with step by step diagrams....

Re: 30-Minute Jacket

Never mind...I got it!

Re: 30-Minute Jacket

I love this....but I need help understanding the instructions...

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

I made this form about 15 years ago and I loved it! I made mine exactly like this but did one extra, really important step. After cutting it off my body, and it had completely dried - I spray painted it with a clear lacquer - inside and out. I did about 5 thin layers of paint. After drying, it was very stiff and easy to use. I never put it on a stand - I just kept it in the corner on a table in my sewing room. I loved that form - I lost it when our house flooded.