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Delray Beach, FL, US

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Re: Video: Easy-to-Sew Flat Fly-Front Zipper

I am a man sewing my own dress pants and dress shirts. I have always managed to make my clothes look hand-made, or taylor-made, as opposed to home-made (a no-no with me). I found this video a few days ago and right away, I adapted my dress pants pattern so this technique could be tried. I cut 2 dress pants front and proceeded to use the technique shown. The results were astounding. I had learned to make one of those zippered flies when I started to sew 20 years ago, as part of a haute-couture class. My dress pants flies always looked fine, but they were so much more trouble than this technique. And the top-stitched J-line was always a dicey thing, at best. With this awesome technique, everything fell into place and the finished sample was as nice as the ones I had been making all this time, but in 1/3 the time. Thank you so much! One thing I added: I am not fond of slashing the seam allowance. So, I machine-stitch a long buttonhole that runs from the seam itself all the way to the seam allowance's edge. I can then slash the seam allowance and nothing frays. Again, thank you so much.