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craft interests: embroidery, knitting, quilting, sewing

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Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The New June/July Issue of Threads (#161)

I think the articles about "Precision Plackets" and "Tissue-Weight Wovens" will be the first ones I read (after, of course, the Letters, Tips, and Closures), followed by Kenneth King's article "Fit for Everyone", as I do sew for more than just myself, and can't have a room full of dress forms :-) I love Threads Magazine and devour it from cover to cover as soon as I get it (and save them all for future references). Thank you!!!

Re: Video: Two Techniques for Edges

Love the mitering technique. I already have been doing the shirt-tail hem for many years. A great instructional video, and very clear and easy to understand :-) Thank you!

Re: There's More to See in this Great Sewing Studio

One of the requirements when we were looking for a house several years ago was that I have a designated sewing space, out of the "public" areas. What we bought has a half-basement, half-crawlspace. My sewing room is the basement part, and the crawlspace(where furnace and water heater are) is used for storing all that Christmas/Easter/Halloween stuff,is separated by a moveable wall. We have 2 8'"church hall" tables in there, at right angles, where my machines are. We got kitchen base cabinets from Home Depot; 4 regular (2 drawers on top with doors underneath) and 2 drawer-only cabinets. In the regular ones I store rolls and/or bolts of stabilizer, freezer paper, pattern paper, etc. A drawer on each side(top center) holds pins, 6" rulers, scissors,etc., and other drawers hold zippers, tapes, snaps,knitting needles,etc. The bottom 2 drawers on one side are for my granddaughter's art supplies. We positioned them regular-drawer-regular, then did the other set back-to-back, and screwed all together, so it is a 4'x8' cutting table on top, which we covered with Pergo.The pins and scissors can't damage it :-) I have many shelf units and arranged them galley-style on one end, which holds fabric and creates a room divider of sorts. A couple of bookshelf units that my husband built for our daughter and her college roommate are now re-purposed as mine, and they back up to the row of shelves, also as part of the room divider. We have bought a pegboard sheet for some of my notions(those not residing in their designated drawers), just have to get it hung up yet. I have several shop-lights around(with the true-color bulbs), and some of those desk-lamps. There is a television on a high shelf within my line of sight when the quiet gets to me, and also a stereo, so I don't feel like I'm being banished to the dungeon :-)We found some button racks (4 small, one that is a floor model and spins)at a sewing store that was throwing them out. I bought an old upright pattern cabinet about 25 years ago from a store that was closing; one of the best $25 bucks I've ever spent! I have a couple of small windows but would really like more natural light(the hazard of being in the basement, I know).