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Hollywood, FL, US

craft interests: embroidery, sewing

Member Since: 02/10/2009

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Fresh Tunic

Pattern: Ellinor from BurdaStyle This pattern is also included in Burda WOF magazine 04/2003 Fabric: Cotton with silver metallic thread JoAnns Woven Ribbon: with gold metallic thread JoAnns This...

Wrap Around Flowers

The pattern: 110 from Burda WOF 06/2006. I had to lengthen the shirt by at least 8cm at the hem line. Pay attention that the sleeves are not full length, just a little more the ¾. The V neck...

Field of Poppies

The poppies are alpaca fibers nuno felted onto olive green crinkled silk organza. I used embroidery thread to sew over the poppies in free motion.

Replace pleats with Machine Smocking

The skirt is sewn in silk shantung, based on free pattern from Burda Style. I wanted to keep the fullness of the skirt, and apply a quick and fun technique of machine smocking. I used the same...

70s 80s Top

I’ve made the pattern for the top I’m wearing as simple as possible and really gave thought to the stripes on the fabric, wanted to align the teal line with the waist line. So this is a...

Yellow Knit Drape Blouse

My favorite pattern for drapy fabrics again and again. Not much to say really, a simple fast serger project. Not a stitch done on the sewing machine, everything in this one is serger, so speed...

White Wrap Shirt

Pattern: Burda 02/2009 The exclusive design from Tristano Onofri Fabric: sheer cotton/poly This is a sheer paisley fabric, so I underlined the front wrapped pieces with the same fabric. The blouse...

Embroidered Cotton Shirt

Pattern: Burda 06/2008 Fabric: Embroidered Cotton from JoAnns Accessories: Pearl Snap Fasteners I like this top, but wish it was a little more fitted, I should have taken it in at the side seamsI...

Irises Take 2

I decided to redo the irises blouse in a size that fits me. I will be listing the XS version on my Etsy store:

Field of Poppies

The poppies are alpaca fibers nuno felted onto olive green crinkled silk organza. I used embroidery thread to sew over the poppies in free motion.

Red Crochet Taffetta Top

Yarn: Patons Brilliant: radiant red, almost 2 skeins. Hook: 3.5mm Fabric: taffeta For the upper part of the top I used this mettalic sparkling yarns and half double crochet stitches for tighter...

Felt like Irises Blouse

Felt inspired one day remembering these iris flowers in from of my apartment building where I grew up. I knew that once they bloom spring time began. Memories and nature inspired me to make a flowy...

recent comments

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

This was a lousy season. Viktor had potential, but missed it with all the sheers. Anya had nice fabrics, Josh I do not like a bit. I should consider auditioning for next season.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

I'd love this book for the couture techniques, that is something I am not too good at and would learn a bit.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

Oscar de la Renta, for all the red carpet elegance.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

What a great book!

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

I have a wonderful serger, and know I'm not using it to its full potential..this book would be great!

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

Cover A!

Re: Project Runway 7 - Episode 2

Ping, no more! Why Pamela? She made a pretty jeans dress, what is wrong with looking a little bigger and having curves? I liked the jean dress, fit very well, very nicely constructed...wish I would see more of Pam's designs instead...maybe they will bring her back some episodes

Re: Book Giveaway - The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts

That looks like a great book!

Re: Machine Quilt a Supple and Stylish Garment, Part II

Thank you Mary! Beautiful finishing touches

Re: red summer dress

Beautiful and architectural.

Re: Gold Rush

very nice outfit, mix of fibers and techniques. Beautiful wearable art!

Re: Machine Quilt a Supple and Stylish Garment

Nice start but incomplete. Where's the next page?

How do I sew the seams, finish the edges, buttonholes or what kind of closures?

I can take guesses, like felt seams, bias binding, serged edges...but why not write the whole tutorial, why stop with the darts, those are usually the first thing we sew...then comes the hard part.

Re: Hemming a Pleated Skirt

Nice technique, and yes, this looks like a kick pleat. I always have trouble with the finishing of that pleat.

See here how to hem real pleats:

Re: Tailored Linen Suit and Shoes

I can't believe there are no comments on your creation yet.
I think it is amazing, the embroidery is not over the top even if it is all over! Wonderful creation!

Re: How to Embellish Buttonholes with Embroidery

Great! I'll totally try this. Thank you everyone for the amazing resources lists!!!

Re: Book Giveaway--Ribbon Embroidery: Simple Stitches for Easy Embellishments

Waw! I always wanted to learn how to do this, I think it looks gorgeous on linen, wool or silk even jersey.

Re: Yellow Knit Drape Blouse

Maye, the pattern is from an old Burda WOF magazine...from 1998 I believe. What you could do is download a simple top pattern and elongate to top shoulder seams to the sides so that there will be more fabric left in the center front, also raising a little the inside corners of the neckline for the front.
I wrote a little how to:

You can find the basic top pattern here:

Hope this helps!

Re: 70s 80s Top


Here's the link for the dress form:
I think they offer a great price.

@sew4my3 LOL! Hello there! I know you too :)

Re: Restyle with Wardrobe Refashion

Congratulations Nikki on this article on Threads magazine and for all your hard work!

Re: Fashioning Felt Exhibit

I love both felt and sewing! Unfortunately the exhibit is too far away from where I live, would really like to see more examples.

Re: Field of Poppies

Ok, I wrote down the process of making the felt:

Re: Red Crochet Taffetta Top

Thanks everyone!

@ette: you can see a similar crochet pattern for the bra cups online:

and the schema:

you can combine this with other patterns to create the bottom half, or draft your own pattern, maybe on the bias with a slit in the back?

Re: Field of Poppies

@moushka, @denise: I'll post something on my blog soon with the details, but in a single word, this is "nuno felt"

Re: Field of Poppies

Thank you everyone!

@gedwoods: Thanks! I just joined here, I'll see how I can contribute for you fabrics site.

Re: Video: Boutis Provençal

Beautiful technique, very well demonstrated and I can think about many modern looking embellishments for clothing items, mode special then embroidery. I believe the channels could also be made by machine sewing, maybe with a free motion embroidery darning foot. I think I will experiment this in the future on sheer fabrics.

Re: Irises Take 2

Thank you! I'm so happy to have inspired you.

almi, multumesc si incantata de cunostiinta

Re: Video: Manuel's Piped Pockets

I adore the sound industrial sewing machines make, lightning speed! It makes it seem so easy...very encouraging.

Re: lace festival Idrija 2008 part 2

Adorable dresses! Very romantic and modern at the same time! Great inspiration, Thanks

Re: Hell in a Handbasket Hoody

Beautiful effect!

Re: Felt like Irises Blouse

Thank you for all the nice comments, I really appreciate them!