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craft interests: fashion, sewing

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Re: Easy and Elegant Linen

Well-written article. It opens up the possibilities of working with linen. It's certainly got my design-mind working overtime!

Re: Video - Wing Needles 101

LOVE this!!

Re: Video: All-in-One Piping and Facing

Piping has been nudging its way into my garment planning recently. Excellent tutorials; they'll help my confidence.

Re: Video: How to Modify Sleeves for Better Arm Mobility

I have a big bicep, so have to modify sleeves and armscyes all the time. This video helps me understand "how and why" of some of those changes.

Re: Video: How to Create A Personal Croquis

Judith, this is such a help!! Thank you! I'll probably watch it a few times, just to make sure I caught all the useful details.

I have scans of all my pattern envelopes, so it'll be easy to make sized prints of the fashions. I'll make my croquis photos in the most common angled-model poses, and I'm good to go.


Re: Video: How to Create A Personal Croquis

Re: Splashdown! Get Ready to Sew Swimwear

I definitely plan to sew swimwear. I've collected patterns and fabric for some time now, and this is the year.

Swimsuits off-the-rack don't work for me. I'm 5'1", have a small bust, and a bigger rear than is allowed in most patterns. Every suit that fits from the ribs down has a nose-cone bust that is laughable. I can pull the straps up 6 inches off my shoulders.

I need to learn how to grade negative-ease patterns up in width, down in length, and down in cup size. I've been practicing - have successfully made alterations in a leggings pattern until it truly fits me.

I need to learn how to control 4-way stretch fabrics so I can make a lining that's ever-so-slightly smaller than the outer fabric for a sleek finish.

I need to know how to grade the elastic length when I've graded the pattern.

I saw that Threads was writing about swimsuits, and had high hopes that some of my questions would be answered. Please, help a girl out!

Re: Video: How to Sew a Welt Pocket Opening

Judith does it again! Wonderful tutorial, clear as can be.

Re: Book Giveaway: The Art of the Handbag

For me, the best bags have clean and classic lines on the outside - and are extremely organized with compartments and dividers and zipper pockets inside. My dream bag has all those inside details made from leather to increase the longevity of the bag. One in black and one in tan, and they'll last through 20 years of abuse.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Textiles: The Art of Mankind"

I just got a sheer tie-dyed sari from India. It's so thin I'm not sure how to use it. But the colors are gorgeous.

Re: How to Create Echo Stitching

I've used it to control facings and lapels that just wouldn't lay right. It's also possible to add curvature to a collar by careful feeding of the fabric while stitching. (Think pad-stitching, but by machine.)

It's a nice way to add some style to a plain garment while retaining its mix-and-match versatility. Use same-color thread, and follow pocket edges, necks, hems, anywhere the fabric is doubled.

Re: Clean-Finish a Curved Shirttail Hem

That basting stitch is genius! I'd already been serging the edges, and sometimes pulled on the serging threads to rein in the edge, but now I'll wrestle with it less. I don't think I'll even need the Steam-a-Seam. Well, maybe on slippery fabrics.

Re: The Box Pleat Experiments, Part 2: Cross drape trim

I'm thinking about using box pleats on strips of knits, meshes, and lace. Ribbon shows the pleat detail wonderfully,but isn't something I'd wear frequently. Softer fabrics might make an intriguing look.

Re: The Box Pleat Experiments, Part One: Single and Double Garland Trim

How lovely!! I plan to make jewelry with this as a base.

Re: An Interesting Embellishment Technique

I really like this. It's simple and not labor-intensive. You could use lots of different fabrics - including prints. Thanks!

Re: How to Make a Banded Armscye

Judith, thank you for this. I've been looking for variations on big sleeves. This one is so very graceful.

Re: How to Make a Lovely Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Paper plus ribbon makes a superb demonstration. Thank you!