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Re: Keeping Warm with 1920's Flair!

Can't believe there are no comments on this tour de force but it's sensational. What gorgeous pintucks and such slimming lines! I can't believe how complex garments were compared to today's over-simplified lines. There is no comparison. Thanks for posting your lovely coat.

Re: Tiaras and Jewelry and Hats--Oh my!

I agree with Haldis. I've dreamt of visiting Western Costume Company ever since I first saw their name attached to the beautiful dresses in Threads. I'm crazy about historical fashion; Western seems to have an unending quantity. The incredible handwork is my focus, especially from the first three decades of the XXth c. It's on of my favourit features of Threads magzine.

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

What a great idea for a contest prize! I'm an avid reader of mysteries and love to sew, too. In fact, sewing and reading are my two favourite pastimes and I'd hate to give up either one. Thanks for a great contest idea.

Re: Shrink plastic sewing pendant

What an original idea! Haven't thought of shrink plastic in years. You've given me some great ideas. Thanks!

Re: Burda jacket and dress for my sister's wedding

Beautiful ensemble! The fabrics must have been luscious to work with.

Re: scattered beads


Re: Gatsby Ribbon Frock

Can you tell if the black dress fabric came that way or was the ribbon added to the bobbinet in the same way you stitched your fabric? It's a lovely garment. Your patience in creating your dress is admirable. You must have the most exquisite wardrobe. Everything you make is gorgeous.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

Wow! what a great promotion. Love my issues of Threads; I've got almost all of them back to 1985, but finding things is still a problem. The dvd is on my wishlist for Christmas.

Re: Color Coordination

I do keep track of each season's colour forecast as I know that thread, buttons, zips, and trim for those colours will also be available in the stores, sometimes only for a limited time. If I do buy yardage in any of the colours, I make sure to purchase matching notions just in case I don't get it made up right away. I only buy clothes or fabric on a replacement basis, as I have a stash big enough to last me the rest of my life! It's also fun to incorporate touches of the prevailing trends into my wardrobe but in doing so, I always stick to the colours that I already know flatter me. Quarry, Orchid Blush and Honeysuckle will definitely find their way into my wardrobe this fall.

I had my colours done over thirty years ago by a brilliant woman who set me on the right colour path. The only colour I wear frequently that I know looks terrible on me is black, but I wear it for practical reasons and have figured out a few tricks to make it look less harsh: if you can't keep it away from your face, make sure to choose your best neckline shape, wear a slightly brighter lip colour and/or blush, and try a scarf or jewellery in one of "your" colours.

As someone already commented, colour is intensely personal but apart from being "free" (it comes with every item we sew, make or buy), surrounding yourself with the right colours can enhance your life, your family's life and the life of your children.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

I adored Issey Miyake when he was still designing the collections. Such inventive styles, timeless but contemporary. I've kept all of my old IM patterns and don't ever plan to part with them.

Re: The Blog for Men Who Sew (And the Women Who Sew For Them)

Peter has written some of the most informative and amusing reviews on Pattern Review. The progress he has made in learning to sew is astounding. He brings wit, an acute, ironic eye, and sidesplitting humour to everything he does. Bravo, Peter! Thank you for so generously inspiring and entertaining us. I hope your blog will encourage more men to try sewing.

Re: Sewing Machine Recommendations -Moderate $ to do heavy work AND pretty datails

Check out the sewing machines reviews at You will find hundreds of review of sewing machines at all different price levels. Right now, the big noise is for the new Juki Exceed at about $1000. Not cheap but no where near as expensive as the TOL combo machines. If possible, buy from a dealer. If not, make sure that you can return the machine for servicing and find out who pays for the shipping. A gently used Janome 6500 is a great machine that you might also like, probably around $850. I've used this machine for five years and it sews everything. It does have a rather large foot, though, and I'm not sure how that would work with your dolls clothes (which are exquisite). Good luck with your search. The right machine for you is out there :)

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

Gorgeous, and the photos are definitely Threads-worthy, so congratulations to the photographer, too. You look stunning in the dress and the construction details are perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Embroidered Jacket at Plimoth Plantation

The link sent me off on a two-day web crawl, admiring the incredible jacket and the fascinating historical data provided. What a fabulous project! This is the kind of info I love to see highlighted in Threads.

Re: pinkish heirloom with flounce collar

Love the Madeira border and all the heirloom touches. I'd happily wear tailored heirloom linen every day if my lifestyle allowed. Beautiful work.

Re: Tips on Sewing with Linen

The little girl's dress is scrumptious. Love the ruched yoke and balloon sleeves. Adorable.

Re: Is it soup yet?

Stunning! You did a masterful job and the results look like a million dollars.

Re: red summer dress

Gorgeous dress, the bodice is inspired - very Art Deco looking. A great success!

Re: Field of Poppies

Your blouse is beautiful. I'd also love some information on the technique you used. How about an article for Threads?

Re: Favorite: Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

What loving gifts for your granddaughter! She's a lucky girl to have her grandmother so involved in her life.

Re: 1934 polo coat

Stunning coat. Your sewing talents are terrific. I've enjoyed all your fabulous garments.

Re: 1950 Belted Topper

This is a fantastic jacket. You did a fabulous job.
I'd love to see the pattern re-issued, too. Would you be willing to send a scan of the jacket and the pattern envelope to Butterick and ask them to consider it for their vintage patterns? I think you'd have to eventually send them the pattern, but you would get it back. It's a fabulous design and I think it would be very popular.