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I'm a woman who loves to sew, paint, read, and write. I also LOVE my dog. :)

This year I wanted to watch 52 vampire movies to see how the vampire has evolved in Hollywood. I'm finding that the costumes in all the films are jumping out at me instead. This explains my Moviedoll name.

My first love are corsets. I learned how to sew so I could make myself a corset. Now, that's kind of become my hobby to earn a little bit of money on the side. Really,underneath it all, I wanted to learn how to sew so I could make myself clothes that actually fit. I was tired of finding clothes that fit ok on my body but were too short in the arms or flooding at my ankles.

craft interests: fashion, sewing

Gender: Female

Member Since: 02/28/2012

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Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue no.173 (June/July 2014)

I wish I sucked more information out of my teachers when I was in school. I wish I knew to ask them about how to work with different fabrics - knits are so different!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Textiles: The Art of Mankind"

I love the Chinese silk brocades. They are gorgeous! I am drawn to the dragons and the blossoms

Re: Magazine Giveaway: "Designer Techniques Vol. 2"

I adore Travilla. His designs for Marilyn Monroe were perfection!

Re: SewStylish Featured Giveaway!

I'd like to make a nice pencil skirt for myself.

Re: Simplicity Patterns: Early Spring 2014 Review & Givewaway!

I love the jacket piece on #1467. I think that would be such a nice piece towear to work and still feel ... girly. Love it!

Re: Book Giveaway: John Gillow Textiles Titles

I haven't, but I would LOOOOOOVE to go fabric shopping in Turkey, India, and Hong Kong.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads #171 (February/March 2014)

My favorite sewing book is The Tudor Tailor because as a history lover I absolutely adore the research they put into the book. The photos are great! It is easy to follow. It's just an all around great book for a costumer.

Re: Enter the Teach Yourself to Sew Giveaway Sponsored by Janome

I'd love to learn how to tailor better.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing"

I'm a huge fan of the 40s and vintage looks. Id love to win the book for more direction on how to fit this style clothing for myself.

Re: Threads Selects Giveaway: "Easy-to-Sew Pet Projects"

I would loooooove to sew my puppy the posh London coat! <3

Re: Enter to Win an Oliso Pro Smart Iron!

1. Make sure the heat setting is correct for the fabric type. You do not want to burn a hole in the center front of the special occassion dress you are trying to make for your sis
2. Ill be using it to press open the seams of future corsets.1. Mak

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue 168

i love the peach pink dress Jennifer Lopez wore in Maid in

Re: Win a Copy of Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King on DVD

I need more help with my fitting of garments. I see where everything goes wrong, but i am usually at a lose with how to fix it. I would LOVE to have this dvd to help me out. Thank you for this opportunity!!

Re: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription to Threads!

Id love to win a year subscription for all of the great tips amd tricks the magazine supplies!

Re: DVD Giveaway: Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray

The hardest thing for me is picking appropriate fabrics for the styles i want to do.

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

I'd love to be an insider so i could get access to the tips and tricks offered.

Re: Mystery Game Giveaway

I love trying to be the detective and figuring out whudunnit before the author reveals the perp.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Creating a Successful Fashion Collection"

I'd like to create a fashion line for full figured ladies that love the pinup or vintage looks.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: How does fabric influence your designs?

Fabric normally "talks" to me. When I feel the weight, hand, texture it normally has it's own 'voice'. I let it tell me what it wants to be. Heavier stronger fabrics almost always become structured pieces like corsets. Lighter weights become dresses, usually. At the end of the process my garments usually have a name and we usually always argue during dressmaking (when i make mistakes and have to repair.)

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Essential A-Line"

I would love to make a basic A-line skirt, possible something in the future with ruffles. :)

Re: Book Giveaway "Vintage Lingerie"

I make corsets and lately I've been making vintage dresses... I think the other under garments would be AWESOME to sew.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Costume and Fashion: A Concise History"

I would love to learn about the early 1900s because of how dramatically the styles changed. Well.... that, and the 1950s cause I'm loving all those vintage styles!

Re: Kid's Fashion Giveaway: "The Fashion Designer's Handbook"

I would LOVE to win this for my girl friends daughter. she has a folder full of literally hundreds of fashion illustrations. i've taught her A little bit of sewing, but she had more fun draping on my 1/4 sized dressform. I think this would help her creativity even more!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "All Sewn Up"

I will be making some aprons for my for my girl friends.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Colette Sewing Handbook

I would love to wi. this to learn different techniques of finishing garments.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: Fashion by Design

I'd love to learn how to construct out of the ordinary garments. I think this book would help. :)

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

I would love to drape a bridal gown. I'm playing around with the effects of the fabric, but the beauty seems to be falling short. It's like I'm missing some guidance. Winning this book would be awesome!

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

I have a wall full of books in my sewing room. I'd LOVE to win and read these.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: A Field Guide to Fabric Design

I'd love to design my own fabric to make myself dresses. I dream about different print designs, but never find them in stores. The other thing I find is I may like the print, but I dislike the fabric it's on... It would be so much easier to just make them myself. :)

Re: Enter for Your Chance to Win a SUEDEsays Pattern!

LOVE the new designs!

Re: What influences helped to shape your current sewing hobby or career?

I used to watch my grandmother sew when I was a child, but never did it. When I grew up books and history inspired me to draw costumes. When I grew up even more, not being able to find clothes that fit me properly sent me to the community college so I could finally learn how to sew and tailor clothes for myself. So, I guess, LIFE influenced me. :)

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

Having reference books is great, but having DVDs that actually SHOW you the different techniques would be amazing! That's why I would want to win this bundle DVD set. :)

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Big Book of Flax"

I've never worked with flax before. . . not that I know of, at least. This looks cool for the history portion.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Power Sewing Toolbox 1 and 2" by Sandra Betzina

I'd love to win this to get more tips on closures (especially zippers... grrr... zippers) and sleeves (those come out lopsided sometimes).

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Sew What You Love" by Tanya Whelan

I'd love to win this book as I have been looking for a book with "workbook" projects to do. I like that it has a range of easy, intermediate, and advanced projects.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The New June/July Issue of Threads (#161)

Has a winner been named for this yet?

Re: Book Giveaway: "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"

I would love to have this so I could better study the juxtiposition of the feminine/savage fashions that McQueen created.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The New June/July Issue of Threads (#161)

I'd love to read the Summer Sewing Project: Bias Skirt. :)

Re: Giveaway: Threads Insider Membership

I'd love to see videos about tailoring clothes for a better fit :)

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Famous Frocks" by Sara Alm and Hanna McDevitt

I'd LOVE to get this book. I'm intrigued with these styles!

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The April/May 2012 issue of Threads magazine!

I'd love to read the article on Tailoring. :)

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Chronicle of Western Costume" by John Peacock

This looks like a good book to have in a collection. I love history!