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Re: Rayon Fabric and Interfacing Placement

Someone at threads went to the trouble to print paper labels to place on the fabric pieces shown on the cutting mat. What, please, do they say? If I enlarge the photo, the printing becomes a blur. Thanks for your time and the information.

Re: Threads seamstress contributed to jacket on display at Winterthur Museum

Having visited Plimoth Plantation, albeit quite a few years ago, I find it hard to believe that the women who came over wore such a jacket. I have always thought that people of that era dressed rather sedately. Nice work, though.

Re: Add style and flair with pleats

To me, these look like regular ol' pleats but with quite a lot of fabric between them. I thought cartridge pleats were round and looked as though they had padding inside to keep them round.

Re: Book Giveaway: Successful Serging

I have a serger, but I use it only for serging garment pieces before sewing. I would like to know how else I can use it.

Re: Choosing Fabric for Plus-Sized Designs

Excellent article about fiber characteristics, but the title is too long. Leave off "for Plus-Sized Designs". The author describes the fibers but comes short of telling the plus-sized figure what fabrics to choose. There is more to fabric than fiber content - color, scale of the design. Runa is correct: this article applies to everyone. It is not specific to the plus-sized figure.