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Beverly HIlls, CA

I can't remember a time when I wasn't sewing, knitting, gluing or making something, usually from secondhand materials. The only thing I like better than finding new ways to use leftovers and "scraps" is seeing what other people do with those kinds of things.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, knitting, restyle, sewing

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/19/1958

Member Since: 02/02/2010

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Re: A Time to Sew, A Time to Mend

What a cool mending tin -- it's really like a treasure box!! And the history lessons are great -- I had no idea women used to mend their silk stockings, or that a light bulb could be used as a darning egg, what wonderful information to share!

Mending can be fun at times. I like rescuing pieces that are fine overall, but missing a button or the hem's come undone, etc. Loads of pieces in thrift stores like that, so I'm assuming mending is a dying art, or at least a mystery to lots of people. Considering today's economy, it be making a a comeback, though.

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

Former magazine editor here, and I have to say I like them all, but my fave is the lower left cover -- very appealing. The flowers on the lower right are a close second, though!

Re: Mini Sunray Convertible Clutch

Love it! That would look great in lots of different kinds of fabrics, it seems, great job!

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

That is way too cute, and I probably would use it. I learned to sew on my mom's Singer, which was a cabinet model so it weighed about 400 pounds and had one type of stitch. (Yes, i'm that old!)

when I was in college I bought a Singer Featherweight, also metal but small and portable -- the best sewing machine ever!! I still have it and use it for upholstery and heavy fabrics. My newer one is plastic -- with lots of stitches, embroidery, etc., most of which I find too intimidating to use. So yes, the little Hello Kitty version would be great and I'd probably actually use it.

Re: Little Lace Bra

That's very cute and it looks like it weighs nothing!

Re: Upholstery Clutches

LOVE that little bag and it's so great that the pattern matched up that way! What did you use for lining?

Re: get this look....EASY!

Very cool! I'd love to see the tutorial.