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Nehmah McGehee, Middle Tennessee, TN, US

craft interests: embroidery, quilting, sewing

Gender: Female

Member Since: 07/25/2009

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Re: A Salute to Navy Uniforms!

Wonderful outfit; terrific buttons. You really do it all don't you? Cordially, Nehmah

Re: Video: A Neckline Binding for Knits

Thank you so much for this video. I had learned a slightly different method back in the 1970's. The knits then were nowhere as stretchy as the ones today. My older method often left me with ripples and "out-standing"binding. I had to remake the necklines on undershirts for my spouse, twice before they were OK. Nehmah

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

My favorite embroidery style is Chinese satin stitch on silk garments. The second would be Brazilian embroidery where the images look almost 3-D. IF my eyesight was better, I would use either to decorate my clothing. Nehmah-who thinks much was lost when we quit handwork.

Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew Magazine and DVD bundle

I taught both children the basics of repair. (They had to leave home, sooner or later.) I am now setting up to teach the last two grandchildren how to sew. The older girl has already designed a simple shift for me to make. No child, regardless of gender, should leave home without knowing how to replace buttons, and re-sew a hem or seam that has "magically" come undone. Nehmah

Re: Book Giveaway: "Horrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the '40s and '50s"

I have one Horrockses pattern from the V&A archives. I learned about this firm on UK sites. It would be lovely to have an actual factual book to read. Nehmah

Re: Sewing findings on securely

Thanks for the tip about melting the beeswax. I had tried a commercial thread coating but it is too easily lost. A bar of beeswax, however, isn't. Cordially, Nehmah

Re: Support Independent Fabric Dealers

For the most part, the small shops were hurt by their indifference to good customer relations. I've moved across a good part of the Mid-Atlantic states. As soon as the last packing carton was removed, I started shopping for a shop to do business with. Reasons to not return: 1. A shop where the clerk and her chum gossiped, while I waited to have fabric cut and check out was not revisited. 2. A shop where no work was being done.My average purchase was for 2 patterns, 3-5 yds of fabric and interfacing, and whatever caught my eye on the "wall". If a reader here is thinking of starting up a shop, or has one that isn't doing well, have someone who is not known to your staff, shop there and relate her experience. It is best done on a day when you are gone. Nehmah