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Ottawa, ON, CA

craft interests: sewing

Member Since: 01/21/2011

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Re: Video: How to Sew a Single-Fold Clean Finish Seam

I agree with user-248711. This to me is a no-no.

Why go to all that trouble when you can serge or zig zag. Even serging can cause problems if the fabric is light.

Re: Sewing Machine Recommendations -Moderate $ to do heavy work AND pretty datails

I am a fan of Bernina. My first good machine was the Bernina 830 and I paid $795. for it. That was back in the 70's. But I used that machine for 25 years and then sold it to a friend. I then bought the 1230. I have had that for 25 yrs and wore it out! My service man replaced some of the parts and now I am ready for the next 25 yrs.

If you cannot afford a current Bernina, look for a second hand 830. It will do you proud.

Re: More Sewing Misadventures

I am so glad to read about alll the sewing disasters. For years, I thought I was the only one who ever made mistakes and I was really giving myself a hard time about it. Then I discovered that my sewing friends made terrible mistakes but they didn't tell anyone. I have sewed sleeves in backwards, struggled with zippers, picked out and sewn again so many times. The stress I caused myself was incredible.

Then I happened to see other people's sewing that the customer was just thrilled about. Mistakes all over the place. Crooked seams, serger stitching caught in the sleeve etc. etc. I realized that I am a perfectionist and was driving myself crazy. Non-sewers don't even realize that you made a mistake. They just think what one does is magical.

Re: Dance costumes sparkle with hand applied embellishments

I would love to know the construction details of these costumes. Are they lycra and various chiffon? The crystals are amazing. Such patience.